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10 BlackBerry 10 games you can’t live without

BlackBerry World games

The BlackBerry brand has never been synonymous with gaming, but BlackBerry 10 heralds a whole new world of fun for BB owners. We’re already seeing iOS and Android hits, both classic and recent, making their way onto the new platform. There are even a few original titles popping up. If you’re looking for some good BB10 games to fill in the gaps between meetings, or while away the commute, we can help.

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jetpack joyride iconJetpack Joyride (Free)

Experimental jetpacks, lasers, and gadgets, with evil scientists swarming the laboratory – it’s a recipe for chaotic fun. Your aim, as the brilliantly named Barry Steakfries, is to survive for as long as you possibly can. That won’t be very long to begin with, but once you get a handle on the many obstacles in your path and unleash some power-ups, you’ll be having a grand time. Arcade action like this, with that one-more-turn hook, is irresistible.


need for speed undercover iconNeed for Speed Undercover ($3)

Electronic Arts’ racing franchise has spawned countless games on multiple platforms and they’re all rip-roaring fun for speed freaks. This BB10 release is fast and furious, offering you 20 delicious cars to choose from, as you take on eight different gameplay modes across three environments. Polished visuals and a real sense of speed will suck you straight into the world of insanely high speed racing. The ability to customize your car and earn upgrades gives it some depth.


nova 3 iconN.O.V.A. 3 ($7)

Trigger happy, FPS fans have not traditionally been well served on the BlackBerry platform, but that changes with Gameloft’s N.O.V.A. 3. This is a stylish sci-fi shooter in the mold of Halo. If you’re going to save the human race then you’ll need to shoot a lot of aliens, which you’ll do in the ruins of San Francisco. The shooter action is broken up nicely with a couple of vehicle-based sections and some sniping support. It’s not original, but it is well-made and lots of fun to play.


beach buggy blitz iconBeach Buggy Blitz (Free)

Tearing round a tropical island in a beach buggy turns out to be really enjoyable and addictive. This title looks great, especially considering it’s free, and the gameplay is easy to get into, but tough to master. You’ll encounter plenty of weird and wonderful creatures and obstacles, and there are loads of coins to collect, which can be spent on upgrades and power-ups. It’s a decent kart racer, crossed with an endless running game. How far can you go?


radiant defense iconRadiant Defense (Free)

Retro neon visuals are a signature of developer Hexage and this free tower defense release is one of its best. You must construct a base with lasers, guns, cannons, and other weapons, and make it capable of withstanding waves of invading aliens. You’ll earn cash as you exterminate the invaders, and you can spend it on upgrades, or new towers to repel the next wave. It’s very addictive and very challenging, with a difficulty curve that quickly rises.


Angry Birds Star Wars (Free)angrybirds star wars

Probably the most well-known and well-loved of all mobile games, Angry Birds, never made it onto the old BlackBerry platform (it belatedly made an appearance on the PlayBook). Thankfully, the latest and greatest release from Rovio has landed on BB10, and it’s free! This time, you are leading the bird rebellion against the imperial pigs, but it’s the same bird-firing, physics-based puzzler it always was, just with a Star Wars veneer and some new mechanics. Can you bring down the pig’s structures and save the galaxy from porky tyranny? Instant addiction guaranteed. Just remember many rebel birds died to bring you this game.


The Bard’s Tale ($6)Bards_Tale_icon

Anyone seeking an in-depth RPG with hours of polished questing content and the ability to develop your roguish character into a formidable slayer of monsters has to snag The Bard’s Tale. There’s a world of towns and countryside to explore, filled with a range of vicious enemies and friendly characters to chat with. The real attraction of this game is its sense of humor. There’s a ton of sarcastic dialogue and witty repartee to enjoy. It’s a great antidote to fantasy worlds that take themselves a little too seriously.

bards tale screenshot android game rpg app google play

World of Goo ($5)World_of_Goo_icon

To describe this as a physics-based construction game makes it sound dull and World of Goo is anything but. Your challenge is to build structures out of sentient gooballs so their gooball pals can escape through a pipe. Like all good puzzlers, the difficulty ramps up as you progress and new mechanics are introduced. You’ll need to think ahead to ensure your gooball constructions are structurally sound or you won’t get far. The game looks and sounds great and it will keep you amused for hours.

world of goo screenshot android tablet game

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD ($4)Anomaly_Warzone_icon

Tower defense games took mobile by storm and it feels as though every possible facet has been covered ten times over, but what about tower offense? Anomaly Warzone turns the genre on its head and puts you in command of an armored squad. Your mission is to find objectives and ultimately blast your way to the exit on each level through an assortment of alien defenses and towers. It’s very nicely put together and it packs a real strategic punch.


Sparkle ($3)Sparkle_icon

The match-three puzzle genre is another well-served gaming niche. Sparkle conjures up memories of Puzzle Bobble, Zuma, and Bonsai Blast. You basically fire colored orbs out of a gun and have to try and match three or more of the same color to clear them away before they overrun the level. There are a few power-ups to make things a little more interesting, but at heart this is a fiendishly addictive and extremely accessible title that anyone can enjoy.


If you’ve got more great suggestions for must-have BlackBerry 10 games then post a comment and share them. Remember to check back as we’ll update this roundup with new titles regularly.