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Cut your phone bill in half with our guide to finding the cheapest wireless plans

It seems phone plans go hand-in-hand with Tylenol, Aspirin, or any kind of drug that relieves headaches. You’ve heard that some plans are better than others, but it’s practically a rite of passage to be bamboozled by your phone bill in one form or another. It seems every plan comes loaded with fine print gotchas and price add-ons.

Finding the cheapest phone plan is a headache, but thanks to the phone’s ability to work its way into every aspect of our lives, we’re pretty much bound to pay a phone bill every month. For most of us, our cell phone could cost hundreds, if not thousands, every year.

These days, the cell phone market is filled with volatile shakeups. T-Mobile and Sprint recently debuted new plans that challenge the traditional two-year contracts. And now, more than ever before, it’s a buyer’s market. Here’s our guide to the best, cheap phone plans.

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