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Find your fitness with our favorite health and fitness apps for Android (Updated)

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Nutrition & Sleep

Whether you’re trying to count calories, buy healthier groceries, or figure out how much fat was in that Big Mac you just inhaled, these apps will get the job done.

Lose it! (Free)

Lose it header

Lose it tracks your food intake and fitness activities in a similar fashion to budget-planning apps such Level and Mint. You simply enter your height, weight, age, and how much weight you’re attempting to lose, before the app constructs a recommended calorie budget based on your diet and exercise. Its robust wearable integration is an added plus.

Fooducate (Free)

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Fooducate is a great source for knowing what exactly is in your food. Simply scan the barcode of any item you want to research, and the app will pull up nutritional facts and an overall grade, with a list of healthy alternatives to match. The app also helps you avoid the hard-to-notice trans fat and high sugar content in products — which is never a bad thing in today’s world.

Lifesum (Free)

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Lifesum is a weight-loss app that works alongside apps from the likes of Withings and RunKeeper, giving you an accurate assessment of your daily calorie intake so you can strive toward your established goals. The app even features a built-in barcode scanner designed to pull up nutritional data on millions of items, whether you prefer apples, oranges, or omelettes.

Sleep Cycle ($1)


Just place your smartphone on your mattress and Sleep Cycle will take care of the rest. The simple-minded app provides an array of metrics encompassing your sleep quality, and furthermore, doubles as fantastic alarm that will wake you within a 30-minute window while you’re experiences your lightest sleep phase. The statistical graphs and charts aren’t bad, either.

Sleep as Android ($5)

Here’s another sleep-tracking app that has been around for a while. Sleep as Android tracks your sleep and displays data of your habits. It even takes note of sounds in the room as you sleep to see if you snore, talk in your sleep and can even diagnose illnesses like sleep apnea. It’ll warn you when you’re not getting enough sleep and when you need to get back on schedule. There’s a free trial version, but the app will cost you $5.

Pzizz (Free)


Pzizz creates a different soundtrack every time you use it, thus helping to keep it from becoming too familiar. The app uses a randomization algorithm that provides it with more than 100 billion unique sounds, most of which are binaural beats and tones that help induce a state of relaxation. Plus, you can program it to last anywhere between 10 minutes and 12 hours.

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