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Exercise Gamification

If part of the reason you never work out is simply because you don’t think exercise is fun, consider trying out the following apps.

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Zombies, Run! ($4)

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Running from a horde of the undead will get you into shape, right? You’re Runner 5, a survivor who’s mission is to rebuild civilization by retrieving a series of critical supplies for your base. The entertaining story unfolds with several plot twists, each of which is told through various audio tracks that automatically play between your personalized playlist.

Fitocracy (Free)


Fitocracy tracks your activity and grants you points accordingly. You level up and earn virtual badges, as you complete workout milestones and finish quests, giving you additional incentive to get up, get motivated, and off the couch. Furthermore, you can make friends and follow other Fitocrats if you want to give props or leave an encouraging comment.

NexTrack ($3)


Nexercise is an activity tracker that rewards points that can then be used to claim gift cards and discounts from health food vendors, apparel retailers, and a slew of other boutique-y stores. You can log activity for more than 200 different activities, from marathon running to running the vacuum, all of which reward you with more than just a fit body and mind.

The Walk ($4)

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Doctors agree that spending 30 minutes walking can greatly improve your overall health. Six to Start Studio’s app encourages just that, prompting you to get moving throughout the course of 51 episodes, 800 minutes of audio, and hundreds of miles. The story revolves around the aftermath of a bomb explosion in the U.K., but you can partake nearly anywhere you can walk.

7 Minute Superhero Workout ($3)

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You’re the pilot of Aegeis, a battleship tasked to save the world from alien invaders by engaging in “killer” core and bicep workouts. Saving the world from the impending invasion essentially means you must complete a series of 7-minute workouts, which rely on your ability to perform an onslaught of crunches and air punches a la Rocky.

Google Fit (Free)

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Although not a game, per se, Google’s comprehensive fitness app lets you track steps, distance, and pace with ease. It also quickly distinguishes between running, walking, and cycling, with the option to set recommended goals and sync with an array of other fitness apps to display all your biometric data in one place. The minimalist interface looks great, too.

This article was originally published on 08-29-2013.

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