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Nutrition and Sleep

Though these aren’t necessarily apps for exercise, eating right is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. Pair it with weekly workouts and you are set. Proper sleep is just as crucial to being healthy as a healthy diet and regular exercise. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your shuteye with these apps.

Lose it! (free)


Lose it tracks food intake and fitness activities. Plug in your height, weight, age, and how much weight you are trying to lose (if any at all), and the app constructs a recommended net calorie intake based on how many calories you consume and how many you burn.

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Restaurant Nutrition (free)

Restaurant Nutrition Screens

Restaurant Nutrition provides a comprehensive catalog of nutritional information for almost any menu item that you can think of. It’s especially helpful when used in conjunction with another calorie counting app.

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Lifesum (free)


Lifesum is a weight loss app that works with apps from Withings and RunKeeper to give you an accurate assessment of your daily calorie intake. It even features a built-in barcode scanner that can pull up nutritional data on millions of items.

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Sleep Cycle ($1)


Set your phone on your mattress, and it goes to work while you’re sleeping. It provides metrics that give you a snapshot of your sleep quality and has a fantastic alarm function, the app will wake you when you are at your lightest sleep.

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Sleep Bug (free)


For some, background noise is essential for a night’s sleep. The app offers a wide variety of ambient noises, ranging from busy city streets and babbling brooks, to campfires and torrential downpours, along with a pretty slick interface.

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Pzizz (free)


Pzizz creates a different soundtrack every time you use it. In theory, this helps keep the app from becoming familiar. It uses a randomization algorithm that gives it over 100 billion different sounds. Most are binaural beats and tones that help induce a state of relaxation.

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