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Five great Huawei Honor 8 cases to keep your smartphone looking perfect

best huawei honor  cases
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You’ve put down the money for Huawei’s latest smartphone, the Honor 8, and, like every other device you’ve owned, you want to keep it protected from the outside world. How do you avoid dirt, dust, scratches, dents, and cracks? The best way to accomplish this is with a case, but the Honor 8 is not as well known as the latest Galaxy or the iPhone, meaning cases, especially great cases, may be a little more scarce than usual. No need to worry. We’ve done a bit of searching to find what protection is available, and we’ve got several Huawei Honor 8 cases that should keep the phone pristine and functional for a good, long while.

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VVIA Armor Case ($8)


VVIA offers a very simple case that mostly adds grip to your phone. It’s incredibly slim, so it won’t take up much more room inside of a pocket or bag, and it’s also very lightweight. The armor case provides a small amount of protection against dirt, scratches, and bumps. Its raised edges should keep the Honor 8’s display just far enough away from surfaces to avoid damage if it ends up face down. Precise cut-outs allow for easy access to ports, and keep the speakers and camera from being obstructed.

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Vinve Slim Hard Cover ($10)


This case has a very unique take on adding more grip to a phone, and that’s the round ring found on the back. After adjusting it to fit your needs (it supports full 360 degree rotation), you can hook your finger through it and prevent falls. It can also be used as a stand to prop your Honor 8 up. It’s a fairly minimalist case beyond that, but if you’re not confident in your ability to keep a firm grasp on your phone and don’t want anything that qualifies as “bulky,” it could be the case for you.

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iVoler Crystal Clear Back Cover ($7)


If you want to maintain the original design of the Honor 8 and let the whole world know about it, you invest in a clear case like iVoler’s. It’s made of a TPU material, making it easy to handle, and perfect for dealing with drops, scratches, and simply holding the phone. Its flexibility also allows it to be applied and removed without hassle, but even when the case is on, all buttons, ports, and external features are usable and will function as expected. Raised edges keep the phone from meeting with the ground or surface, and a lifetime warranty ensures iVoler has you covered in case something goes wrong with the case.

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J&D Wallet Case ($11)


J&D is back with another one of their wallet cases, and it’s the perfect replacement for the traditional wallet if you’re in the market for one. There are 3 slots for credit/debit cards and IDs, and a pouch for money. This version of the case was also made exclusively for the Honor 8, so expect a snug fit when using it with your phone. A magnetic strap is used to keep the case closed, sealing the phone safely within, but leaving the buttons, speakers, and camera exposed and ready to use. Lastly, there’s the PU leather used to craft J&D’s wallet case, providing a smooth, high quality feel. If you get tired of holding it, you can fold the cover back to make a horizontal stand.

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Official Huawei Honor 8 Flipcover Case ($10+)


The official case from Huawei for the Honor 8 has the most unique and useful feature on this list, which is the front cover that allows owners to quickly see the time, date, weather, and their notifications without having to open the case or wake the phone. The back of the case is also clear and doesn’t hide the phone’s design, but when the entire case is closed, the Honor 8 is completely covered, with only the ports, buttons, camera, speakers, and microphone left exposed. The Flipcover case provides all the protection and functionality you could ask for. The only downside is it only comes in two colors: blue and white.

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