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120 Awesome iPad Apps for 2014 (Updated)

Work and Organizing

This section is dedicated to helping you get more done. The iPad is for more than just entertainment, and we’ve got the tools you need to actually use the thing for work.

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Hop iPad Screenshot

We checked out Hop on the iPhone, back when it was known as Ping. The simplified, but powerful, email system works on the same principles as a a threaded SMS or instant message conversation, and it’s even possible to make audio calls through the app.


Cannonball iPad Screenshot

In Cannonball, a gesture control system makes inbox management simple, while the app separates important messages from newsletters and other general messages, so important messages don’t get lost.



Boxer has a cool swipe system for managing your emails inside the combined inbox, plus Box or Dropbox integration, and fast access to your calendar. There’s even a Like button for a fast, positive reply to an email.

Word Processing and Spreadsheets



It’s hard not to recommend Apple’s Pages word processor, particularly if you use a Mac, thanks to iCloud and AirDrop support. Documents are easy to create, there are many templates, and the whole thing looks fantastic.

iA Writer


The excellent iA Writer is the app for the people who want to write, and nothing else. It strips away all the complex settings, and keeps the interface simple and uncluttered, leaving you free to concentrate. It also supports iCloud and Dropbox.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word iPad Screenshot

Microsoft Word

It has been a long time coming, but Office for iPad is here, and all apps are highly polished, custom designed mobile options of Microsoft’s all-powerful suite. However, if you want to see their full potential, you’re going to have to pay up.


Opera Coast

Opera Coast is a web browser, but not as you know it. Controlled using gestures, the layout and operation is closer to using the iPad itself. We’re fans of its speed and intuitive operation, and love the fullscreen view.


Chances are you already use this on your computer, and the Chrome browser’s cross-platform syncing is one of the reasons we love it. Speedier than Safari, it also syncs bookmarks, and features the handy Incognito mode.


If you’re looking for a hardcore web browser, iCab is it. Its comprehensive feature list includes the ability to filter out ads, download files, compress web pages to save data, and manage cookies. It’s a power user’s dream.

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