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130 Awesome iPad Apps (Updated for 2015)

Security and Utilities

This section will help you secure your tablet (and find it), but also add those little touches you like. Want a good alarm clock or calculator. We’ve got ‘em right here.

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Secure Your Tablet



Despite being a little on the pricey side, 1Password is a necessity in an age where private data always seems to be at risk. Protect passwords, credit card information, and more with top-grade encryption.

Private Photo Vault


Images might not have any personal information in them, but we all have a few we’d rather not see the light of day. Lock down those photos, videos, and galleries meant only for certain eyes with this app.

Hotspot Shield VPN

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This app is free to download but costs $5 a month to use. It’s worth it if you do a lot of work or Web browsing on your iPad in public locations, because it blocks hackers from accessing your data on public Wi-Fi networks.

Track Your Device



Think you’re free of danger because you’re on a tablet? Think again. Add Lookout to your iPad to protect yourself from viruses and malware, back up your contacts, and locate a stolen device. Upgrade to premium for $3.

Find My iPhone


Find My iPhone is Apple’s protective service for stolen devices. Find your device via GPS, lock your iPad remotely, or erase the data if it’s gone for good. (Read: 6 People get vigilante justice with Find My iPhone.)

Prey Anti Theft


If your device is snatched out from under you, Prey Anti Theft helps you track it by triangulating its location. Trigger an alarm, take pictures with either camera, and gather information via connected networks remotely.

Basic Utilities

Alarm Clock HD


Set your iPad up on a stand and turn on Alarm Clock HD to treat it like a big, touch screen alarm clock. Complete with multiple alarms, news feeds, social media integration, weather info, and more.

MyScript Calculator


The iPad’s built in calculator is nice for the simple stuff, but MyScript Calculator can handle more complex equations and takes inputs via handwriting, converting your writing to standard text.

Paper by FiftyThree


When it comes to creating art on the iPad, Paper by FiftyThree is the canvas you need. A wide range of tools make it easy to get the effect you want. Great for sketches or for more involved creations.

My Data Manager


Trying to keep your data usage under control and maybe bring that cell bill down a bit? My Data Manager gives you unprecedented control over your data. Visualize usage and set alarms to avoid overages.

Note taking and Drawing



If you need a little old school comfort and want to scribble on your iPad, Notability is a solid option. Get the pen-to-paper feel with all of the digital bells and whistles like imported documents or linked files.


Cool Wallpapers


The iPad’s screen is too impressive to not plaster with pretty images, and Cool Wallpapers has plenty of options. Over 100,000 individual wallpapers are available for your choosing.

Pimp Your Screen


There’s no need to stop at just the wallpaper when modifying your iPad’s look. Pimp Your Screen offers custom app shelves, home screen themes, icon skins, and lock screens in a variety of styles.

Wallpapers HD

Wallpapers HD is bound to have good looking wallpaper options – it has HD right in its name. New entries are regularly added and organized in easy to browse categories for convenience.


 Evernote is the best backstop for all of your spitballed ideas. Toss every thought into it, organized with the easy to navigate notebook system with its iPad specific UI, and never forget a great—or terrible—idea again.

Benchmarking Apps

3D Mark


Test out the performance of your iPad and see how it compares to similar devices, including Android and Windows tablets. This diagnostics tool focuses on graphics performance measurement.

Geekbench 3


Recently optimized to test out Apple’s 64-bit processors, Geekbench 3 is one of the most comprehensive performance testers around. It measures processor and memory performance.

GFXBench 3.0


GFXBench may be familiar by its former name, GLBenchmark. No matter the name, it can help you comprehend the 3D graphics benchmark and will determine performance.

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