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100 Awesome iPad Apps for 2014

Travel and Maps

Most of us don’t use our iPad around town (unless you have a LTE enabled version), but that doesn’t mean an iPad isn’t a great tool to help you get around or understand where you are. Here are our favorite travel apps.

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Maps and Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Google Maps


We’d hate to re-open the Google Maps vs. Apple Maps wound again, so we’ll just say this: Download Google Maps. It’s accurate, thorough, and offers free turn-by-turn voice navigation.



Waze helps you avoid traffic jams, find cheap gas, and pick the best places to stop by providing access to crowdsourced, community-generated data that will be invaluable for your road trips.

MotionX GPS Drive


MotionX GPS Drive includes voice directions, live traffic maps, active lane guidance, social media check-ins, a parking spot meter, and a live compass to make for a feature-packed travel app.

Traveling Abroad



Having TripIt on your iPad is like having your own special travel itinerary folder (the one you plan to make for every trip but never do). It keeps hotel, car rental, and flight information in place and in chronological order.



Kayak Pro is like the Google of travel planning. It’s the smart search engine for trip planning that will help you find flights, cars, and hotels to fit your schedule and budget. It aggregates multiple airlines and services.



Finding flights and hotels is easy on Hipmunk. The app offers handy visualizations, helps you land in a comfy hotel for cheap, and organizes flights by its trademark “agony” rating to minimize duration, layovers and price.

Language Translating

iTranslate Voice


There’s no need to flip through translation dictionaries looking for the right word to say. The iTranslate Voice app gives real-time speech-to-speech translation with support for 36 different languages.

SayHi Translate


It’s always best to have conversations face to face, but SayHi Translate is a great middle man. You and a partner speak into it and it translates your speech back and forth to help the conversation along.

Google Translate


If Google has an app for it, you should probably have that app. Google Translate can handle text, voice, handwriting, and text in images. It works with over 70 languages no matter the input.

Public Transit


MyTaxiNever wind up stranded when you have your iPad in hand. In as few as two taps, you can get a taxi on its way to your location. Follow the taxi in real time, rate drivers, and pay by app.



HopStop offers you step-by-step instructions on how to get to your destination using combinations of bus, train, and subway commuting options, optimizing the information to speed up your travels.

Google Maps


We’ve never listed the same app twice before, but when it comes to transit directions, Google Maps has it down with route guidance and a full color listing of route lines in many major cities, like NYC.

Outdoors Apps

MyTopo Maps


Who says you can’t take technology out into the wilderness? MyTopo Maps will make your iPad a necessity for outdoor exploration, with maps of terrain and plan your trip with a powerful place search.

Spyglass ($4)


If you end up getting lost, you can count on Spyglass. It equips you with a GPS, compass, finder, tracker, and AR navigation to ensure you’re never lost, even in strange locales.

MotionX GPS HD ($2)


MotionX GPS HD claims to have the best map selection of all iPad navigation apps, and reviews seem to echo that. It’s an all-in-one GPS tool for hiking, boating, and just generally exploring the world.

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