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77 awesome games on iPad (New for Spring 2015)

Sports Games

Table Tennis Touch ($4)

touch table tennis header

Table Tennis Touch is the new standard for tennis games. You can battle through career mode, arcade mode, or several imaginative mini games, using stellar controls with options to slice or backspin with a swipe of a finger. The graphics are also spectacular, and moreover, Retina-ready.

First Touch Soccer 15 (Free)


Frankly, FTS offers more intuitive controls and features less in-app purchases than FIFA 2015. You can either opt for the role of a soccer player or team manager, the latter of which allows you to sign new players, negotiate contracts, and customize your own stadium. Just try to overlook the soundtrack.

Ridiculous Fishing ($3)

ridiculous fishing header

Ridiculous Fishing is an 8-bit-esque title that follows Billy as he looks to catch and kill sea creatures with a variety of weapons, from shotguns to toasters, in order to redeem his “uncertain past.” It is indeed ridiculous, yet the memorable visuals, sound design, and poignant conclusion only add to the effect.

Super Stickman Golf 2 (Free)

superstick man golf header 2

It may not evoke memories of your vacation to Pebble Beach, but this casual physics flicker will certainly kill time. SSG2 shines with its real-time multiplayer and wealth of content, not to mention its excellent soundtrack and the girth of unlockable achievements to take on during lunch.

Asphalt 8: Airborne (Free)

asphalt 8 header

A hybrid of sorts, this classic driving game utilizes both the “tilt-to-steer” and a virtual steering wheel. A lengthy campaign and new levels let you race through terrific locations, including Dubai and French Guiana, while offering gameplay that’s far more stylish than it is realistic.

Real Racing 3 (Free)

real racing 3 header

Real Racing 3 may revel in a “freemium” format, but it doesn’t prevent players who just want a free racing game from exploring the 11 levels and dozens of supercars. It’s far more realistic than past iterations in the series, with detailed car models and spot-on simulation mechanics to match the visuals.

NFL Kicker 15 ($1)

nfl kicker header

NFL Kicker 15 is more a casual flicker than anything else. The game offers two different modes, In the Zone and Coffin Corner, each of which requires you to kick or punt the ball either through the uprights, or as close to the end zone as possible without kicking it out of bounds. That’s all there is to it.

Impossible Road ($2)

impossible road header

The objective: Guide a ball down a winding road for as long as possible, while skirting hair-pin turns at an insane speed. The simple title is more difficult than even the name might imply. It also showcases minimalist artwork, a techno soundtrack, and a learning curve for the books.

Touch Grind Skate 2 ($5)

touchgrind skate 2 header

The developers of Touch Grind Skate 2 have made some big changes since the initial release of the game. For instance, the new view perspective lets you better spot upcoming features, while smaller finger swipes allow you to stick flip tricks with ease, whether you’re competing or training.

Football Heroes 2015 (Free)

football heroes header

Football Heroes 2015 is simply the best, over-the-top football game for the iPad. The intuitive touchscreen controls let you spin, punch, and bomb your way to the end zone. Your best-performing players will also level-up, making your team more successful, while the retirement feature adds a strategic element rarely offered elsewhere. Essentially, players have an expiration date, and you’ll have to drop them from the team once they pass their retirement date.

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