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Still own an iPhone 4 or 4S? We have 31 cases for you to look at

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Moshi Concerti for iPhone 4/4S ($40)

This premium leather flip case really hugs your iPhone so it isn’t too bulky. The front flap flips open easily and the inner lining is “Terahedron” – basically it’s soft and it will prevent scratches. Unusually for a leather case, there are cutouts for the camera and all of the controls, so it’s easy to use your phone with the case on. The final touch is a detachable microfiber pad on the flap, which you can use to clean the screen.

Moshi Concerti for iPhone 4/4S

Moshi Concerti Case for iPhone 4/4S

X-Doria Defense 360 ($30)

You won’t find many cases on the market that cover the iPhone 4 or 4S front and back, but the Defense 360 does just that. It is a two-piece, clear, polycarbonate case that snaps on and fully protects the front, back, and sides of your iPhone. There are cutouts for camera and controls. Covering the screen inevitably has an impact on screen sensitivity, but that’s the price you pay for all around protection.

X-Doria Defense 360 case

X-Doria Defense 360 Case

Seidio Surface Reveal with Metal Kickstand ($35)

This sleek, hard case from Seidio comes in two pieces which makes it really easy to slide onto your iPhone. There’s a soft felt lining inside to prevent any scratches and absorb shock. The outside has a soft-touch coating so it’s comfortable to hold and easy to grip. Precision cut-outs ensure you can access everything and see the Apple logo, but the camera cutout is tight, so you may prefer to remove the iPhone from the case to take photos. There is also a magnetic kick stand for a hands-free landscape view.

Seidio Surface Reveal with Metal Kickstand case

Seidio Surface Reveal Case with Metal Kickstand

IvySkin iPhone 4 Reception Case ($15)

Super-thin polycarbonate protection for your iPhone at a reasonable price makes the IvySkin Reception Case worth considering. It’s only 0.6mm on the back and 0.8mm at the sides so it’s about as close to naked as your iPhone can get with a case on. It’s also supposed to improve your reception. It will protect the glass back and has a front screen guard. Did we mention that the whole thing has an anti-scratch coating?

IvySkin iPhone 4 Reception case

IvySkin iPhone 4 Reception Case

SwitchEasy Avant-Garde Series Clockwork Case ($35)

You will definitely stand out of the crowd with one of these sculpted 3D cases. The back features a sculptural design and you’ll find additional options beyond this clockwork pattern. It looks eye-catching and provides extra grip. The frame is polycarbonate and there’s a matt coating and a choice of colors. It’s a slider design which makes it easy to fit onto your phone and it ships with two screen guards. If you’re concerned about the pattern snagging as you take it out of your pocket, don’t worry because it’s a convex design.

SwitchEasy Avant-Garde Series Clockwork cases

SwitchEasy Avant-Garde Series Clockwork cases

Hipstamatic HipstaCase 100 ($20)

Keen photographers will dig this Hipstamatic case which gives your iPhone an eighties camera makeover. It’s a one piece snap on case in black with all the usual cutouts. The USP for this case is the tripod adapter which slips into a hidden slot to allow you to mount the iPhone easily on any standard camera tripod. To complete the retro camera illusion there is a removable nylon lanyard to slip around your wrist.

Hipstamatic HipstaCase 100 case

Hipstamatic HipstaCase 100

uNu Exera Modular Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S ($80)

Not only is this a chargeable battery case that doubles the battery life of your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, it is also just a case. You can switch in a thinner back without the battery if you just want to use it as a case, so once the phone is charged you can ditch the bulky battery and put the slim cover on. The battery is rated at 1,700mAh and the case also comes with a screen protector.

uNu Exera Modular Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S

uNu Exera Modular Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S

Belkin Essential for iPhone 4S ($25)

Flexible TPU with a tinted, translucent finish provides a bit of basic protection for your iPhone without spoiling its look. You’ve got full access to everything and these slim cases have a nice easy-grip, soft-touch finish. You can pick them up in various colors.

Belkin Essential case for iPhone 4S

Belkin Essential Case for iPhone 4S

Grove Bamboo iPhone 4/4S Case ($80)

Carved from a single piece of bamboo, these stylish wooden cases from Grove come in a range of designs or you can opt for a plain one. You also have the option of using your own design for a truly custom case, but that will set you back $130. The case comes in two pieces and slides easily onto your iPhone. These oiled wooden cases represent great craftsmanship, but they are definitely more about the look than the protection factor.

Grove Bamboo iPhone 4/4S case

Grove Bamboo iPhone 4/4S Case

LifeProof iPhone Case for the iPhone 4/4S ($80)

It’s tough to find a case that offers serious protection with a truly slim profile, but the LifeProof iPhone case only adds 1.5mm to each edge. It is completely waterproof and it will safeguard your phone from dust, shock, and extreme temperatures. This case is perfect for outdoors types and you’ll never need to worry about your iPhone getting wet again.

LifeProof iPhone case for the iPhone 4/4S

LifeProof iPhone Case for the iPhone 4/4S

Cygnett Apollo for iPhone 4/4S ($30)

This hybrid rubber and plastic design is a solid option. The matte plastic exterior doesn’t show fingerprints or scratches and the soft rubber interior is shock-absorbent. Ports and controls are easily accessible and a screen protector is included. There’s a small selection of color options and the rubber showing through beneath creates a two-tone effect.

Cygnett Apollo Case for iPhone 4/4S

Cygnett Apollo Case for iPhone 4/4S

OtterBox iPhone 4/4S Defender Series Anthem Collection ($60)

OtterBox has long been the most trusted name when it comes to serious protection for your device. This iPhone 4S case features the virtually indestructible three layer protection that the top of the range Defender series is known for having. It also brightens things up with a patriotic design. It’s a bit bulky but if you work outdoors, or you’re just really clumsy, this case is for you.

OtterBox iPhone 4/4S Defender Series Anthem Collection cases

OtterBox iPhone 4/4S Defender Series Anthem Collection Case

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