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Protect, power, and style your new iPhone 5S with these 30 cases

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Spigen Tough Armor case ($20)

Spigen Tough Armor case 2

If you’re really concerned about dropping your iPhone 5S then Spigen has you covered with this case. The corners have air pockets to cushion any fall. The trade-off is that this case is chunky, with large angular button covers, and some people have had problems with the headphone jack. The cut-outs are precise and there’s one on the back to show off the Apple logo. You’ve got a choice of six colors.

Available from:

Amazon Wal-Mart

LifeProof iPhone 5S Nuud Case ($42)

LifeProof iPhone 5S Nuud Case 1

It’s tough to find a fully protective case that guards against drops, shocks, and even full submersion, but doesn’t add ridiculous bulk or restrict your use of the iPhone 5S. The Nuud case is designed to do just that. You’ll find that the touchscreen and the Touch ID feature work with the case on. There are also built-in buttons, and you can get full access to ports through covers that can be opened. It does muffle the microphone slightly, and it makes actions like opening the control center by swiping up from the bottom more difficult to pull off.

Available from:

Amazon Best Buy

PDP Nintendo NES Controller Case ($30)

PDP Nintendo NES Controller Case 1

We’ve seen a few cases like this before, but Performance Designed Products (PDP) also makes game console accessories and the company officially licensed the design from Nintendo. It’s a two piece case that clips onto your iPhone 5/5S and has built-in Sleep/Wake and volume buttons. There are also cut-outs for your ports, though you might have difficulty connecting some accessories because it’s quite a chunky case and it’s a little tricky to take off. There’s a decent lip to protect the screen, and the NES buttons on the back can be pressed, though they don’t actually do anything. This one is all about the nostalgia.

Available from:

Amazon Toys R Us

Mophie Space Pack ($90)

Mophie Space Pack 1

A CES 2014 award winner, this clever case from Mophie offers an extended battery rated at 1,700mAh and an extra 16GB or 32GB (add $30) of storage. Using the Mophie Space app you can back up your photos at the touch of a button, or store any other files you want in the case, freeing up space on your iPhone 5S. You can also plug it into your computer and drag and drop files as though it was a standard drive. Combine that with up to 100 percent extra battery life from the fully charged case and it’s a must-have. Check out our Mophie Space Pack review to learn more.

Available from:

Amazon  Best Buy

UAG Maverick Case ($25)

UAG Maverick Case 2

Urban Armor Gear has made a name for itself with an angular, futuristic, military design language. The cases combine a standard soft core to absorb impact with a polycarbonate shell to bear the brunt of knocks and falls. There are large buttons, cut-outs for ports, camera, and flash, and a screen protector to keep the display scratch-free. The Maverick case is translucent, so you can see your iPhone 5S within, but you can get opaque versions in various colors.

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Amazon B&H

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