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150 Awesome iPhone Apps (Updated Spring 2014)

Page 3: Health, Travel, and Jailbreaking

Below are our picks for fitness, health, travel, mapping, and jailbreaking/hacking apps.

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Fitness and Health

This is the category if you want apps to help you get fit, eat healthy, stay healthy, and find the medical advice you need when problems arise.

Getting Fit

Moves ($3)

moves-iphoneThis app records your movement throughout the day: where you went, how many steps you took, and calories you burned. It’s simple, but works really well and connects to other apps.


loseit-iphoneEnter the weight you want to lose and LoseIt! recommends how many calories you need. Record food and fitness (it has a barcode scanner) and break down the type of calories you’re eating.



RunKeeper wants to motivate you to run. Progress appears on a map and there are audio notifications to spur you on. It will chart your performance, track your distance, and invite friends.

Medical Advice

Urgent Care

urgentcare-iphoneThis app lets you look up your symptoms or problems and will quickly connect you with an actual doctor or medical professional if you need it, though we’ve never actually tried this feature.


webmd-iphoneIt’s a hypochondriac’s dream app. WebMD is full of great information about every disease you can think of, and thousands that you’ll never hear of. It’s the standard for medical information.

Pill Identifier ($1)

drugsdotcom-pill-identifier-iphoneWant to know what pill you’re holding? This pill identifying app will tell you by running through its shape, color, and other attributes. It’s not a good-looking app, but it’s better than just taking the pill.

Sports Players

Coach’s Eye ($5)

Coach's Eye Best iPhone AppsWant to up your game? This app lets you record your golf swing, tennis serve, or anything else you would want to analyze in slow motion. You can provide commentary, make annotations, and compare two videos.

Ubersense Coach

Ubersense Best iPhone AppsAdopting a freemium model, this app lets you record whatever workout you choose and analyze it in slow motion with annotations and commentary. You can also compare your videos with those of professional athletes.


Hudl Best iPhone AppsWhat makes this app stand out from its competition is its focus on team, rather than individual, analysis. While it is more than happy to let you annotate, comment, and analyze your own videos, you can also scout the competition.


Travel and Maps

There are many ways to get from Point A to Point B. These apps will help you get there. We’ve got plenty of mapping, turn-by-turn navigation, public transit, taxi, and outdoors apps, not to mention a few apps to help you if you’re traveling abroad. 

Maps and Turn-by-Turn

Google Maps

GoogleMapsIt’s Google. It’s maps are accurate, cover 200+ countries and 100+ million points of interest; this is still the best mapping app available, with voice turn-by-turn navigation included for free.


WazeWhy waste time in traffic or pay more than you have to for gas? Waze solves both of these problems by supplying you with access to community-generated real-time traffic info and gas prices.

MotionX GPS Drive ($1)

motionx-gps-drive-iphoneYou’ll find live traffic maps, turn-by-turn voice directions, and active lane guidance in this MotionX app, not to mention social media check-ins, a parking spot meter, and a live compass.

Traveling Abroad

TripIt ($1)

TripItDon’t lose another second of shut eye worrying about the logistics of your next trip because this app will sort your flight details, hotel reservations, and car rentals in chronological order.

Kayak ($1)

KayakKayak is the best place to look up flights because it aggregates nearly every airline and travel site into one clean interface. Its mobile app has almost every feature the website does.

Stow ($2)

StowPacking for a trip? Stow is a well thought out packing list app that’s designed to ensure you don’t arrive at the camp site and realize you’ve forgotten your tent or didn’t pack for a rainy day.

Language Translating

iTranslate Voice ($2)

itranslate-voice-iphoneForget about foreign language dictionaries when you travel. With this app you can get real-time speech-to-speech translations using your iPhone, with support for 36 different languages.

SayHi Translate ($2)


Here’s a pocket interpreter that covers 41 languages. It’s geared toward conversations where each side talks and then the app speaks the translation aloud. It will help you in a bind.

Google Translate

GoogleTranslateIn Google we trust. This app lets you translate speech, text, handwriting, and even the text in images, and it covers 70+ languages. Talk or type and have the translated results spoken aloud.

Public Transit and Taxi

AllSubway ($1)

allsubway-iphoneThis app is a little ugly, but it’s a great resource. It has subway maps for more than 150 cities around the world. If you’ve ever been to NYC, you’ll know how vital a subway map can be.


UberBook a taxi or a private car direct from your iPhone with this app, keep tabs on where your driver is right now, and handle payment without the need for cash. It also ends the act of tipping.

Transit App

TransitYou can access real-time route options to reach any destination using this app, which draws from various sources to bring you the fastest options, provided you live in a supported city.

Outdoors Apps

MotionX GPS ($2)

MotionXGPSIf you’re going off-road but want to make it home alive again, you may want to check out the topographical maps and marine charts in this app, which also supports GPS navigation.

SAS Survival Guide ($6)

SASSurvivalYou’ll find more than 400 pages of text, videos, and photos here, and all of it is designed to help you survive wherever you find yourself, even in some of the harshest environments on earth.

EveryTrail ($4)

EveryTrailLooking for a great off-road activity near you? With this app you’ll get access to over 400,000 user submitted route maps, audio guides, photos, and travel tips for your next adventure.


Photos and Creativity

Looking to create some memories? These apps cover all areas of artistic expression for creating imagery on your phone. We’ve got everything you need when an image filter just isn’t enough.


Camera+ ($2)

CameraPlusEven with the iOS 7 update, Apple hasn’t done a whole lot with it’s default camera app. This is the full-featured photo taking app that you’ve always needed and wanted on your iPhone.

Pro Camera 7 ($5)

ProCamera7If you’re looking for an app to take pictures that are more than just point-and-click shots, ProCamera 7 will do the trick. It offers professional features to help you get the snapshot you want.

Luminance ($1)


Luminance is a filter-filled photography app. You can create new looks by layering different filters atop one another or by applying some of the built-in special effects. Try it out!

Image Editing

FaceTune ($3)

FaceTuneLet’s be honest, most of your photos are of your, or  your friends faces. FaceTune is an app that will help you perfect the art of the selfie with a host of facial-focused editing features.

Photoshop Touch ($5)

PhotoshopTouchIt might not be as fully-featured as the desktop version of Photoshop, but isn’t as expensive, either. Photoshop Touch is ideal for doing touch ups and quick edits to photos on the go.

Photo Editor by Aviary

AviaryAs far as editing options go, Photo Editor by Aviary is hard to beat. There’s over 100 filters and effects that can be purchased, and aesthetic touches like frames and stickers to be applied.

Photo Backup


MyShoeboxMyShoebox allows you to carry all of your photos with you without them taking up all your hard drive space. It automatically saves your photos to the cloud as you take them, as well.


PicturelifePictureLife is more than just a photo backup solution, though that is it’s primary function. Sync all your photos from your social networks so you can save them privately or share them.

Amazon Cloud Photos


If you don’t rely on Amazon for enough already, trust your photos with it, as well. This app offers 5GB of space on Amazon’s servers and syncs with the photo collection on your device.


ArtRage ($2)

ArtrageArtRage is for those who really like to create stuff on a canvas. Really. This physical paint simulation app does its best to recreate the painting experience on your iPhone to make it portable.

Sketchbook ($2)

SketchbookFor those who do more doodling than painting, the virtual pages of SketchBook should serve well. Plenty of pens and brushes are available, with a zoom for adding smaller details.

Auryn Ink ($4)

AurynInkPainting with water colors in Auryn Ink is considerably less messy than getting out a canvas and easel. This app features realistic water flow effects and pigment colors. Luckily, they won’t wash away.

Stylus Apps

Notability ($3)

NotabilityNote taking on the iPad can be tough without the physical keyboard, and sometimes it’s just easier to write. Notability is made to handle all of your handwritten notes and scribbles.

Inkflow ($8)

InkflowInkflow is a note-taking app for the visual learner inside each and every one of us. You can view your notes and sketches in high definition and organize them with a tap of your finger. It looks great.

Notes Anytime ($5)

NotesAnytimeIt’s nice to be able to put the stylus to the screen like a pen to paper, but bad handwriting can make it hard to decipher text when you revisit it. Notes Anytime converts writing to typed text.


The Dark Arts

If you’re tired of playing by Apple’s rules, we’ve got some suggestions for you. You’re going to have to Jailbreak your iPhone to get much use out of these hacks and alternative app stores. Those of you who don’t plan to jailbreak, you can still check out the Bitcoin wallets on display.



CoinbaseHere’s an effective Bitcoin wallet that allows you to store funds securely. You can also buy, sell, receive, and send Bitcoins, and access a list of transactions on your iPhone.

Bitcoin App

BitcoinAppYou’ll find real-time exchange rates for all markets in this app, allowing you to instantly get an overview of how much real-world currency you could nab for your Bitcoins right now.


blockchain-iphoneThis is another Bitcoin wallet for the iPhone. It supports QR codes and offers the option to send or receive Bitcoins, get email or SMS notifications, and scan puny paper wallets.

Hacks and Add Ons


hacking-green-codeSet the gestures or button presses that you want to use for different functions with this clever Cydia app. You can use it to dictate app launches and system shortcuts. (Requires jailbreak.)


hacking-green-codeUse this app to toggle anything from Wi-Fi to SMS alerts and it monitors your free memory. In iOS 7, the Control Center covers some of this, but can’t be customized. (Requires jailbreak.)


hacking-green-codeIf you want to dig around in your folders and find out exactly what is on your iPhone, you can do it with this, which requires a jailbreak. Don’t ask us why file managing is so hard on iPhone.

Alternative App Stores


hacking-green-codeThe most popular alternative app store for the iPhone is Cydia and it’s usually installed during the jailbreaking process. You’ll find many free and premium apps within. (Requires jailbreak.)


hacking-green-codeIt’s no Cydia but you can dive into a wide range of free, open source, HTML5 apps (Web apps) at OpenAppMkt. There are plenty of games and apps neatly divided into different categories.

Premier App Shop

hacking-green-codeYou’ll find a “boutique-selection” of apps here and it claims to be the only ‘legal’ alternative to Apple’s App Store for iPhone apps … we’re not convinced. Visit it in your iPhone browser.

Apps for Jailbroken Phones


hacking-green-codeMakeover every aspect of your dull home screen with WinterBoard. There are hundreds of custom themes, wallpapers, and alternative app icons to choose from. (Requires a jailbreak.)


hacking-green-codeGive your Messages app a real shot in the arm with a host of new features like message scheduling, quick reply, and auto-retry. BiteSMS delivers a better chat experience. (Requires jailbreak.)

Dashboard X ($2)

hacking-green-codeWho says you can’t have widgets on the iPhone? With Dashboard X you can select from many widgets on your home screen and get controls, toggles, and updated data. (Requires jailbreak.)

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