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208 Awesome iPhone Apps for 2015

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Security and Utilities

Yeah, we’ve lumped security with random utilities, but that’s because we love them both. Below are some apps to help you secure your phone, track your phone (if it gets lost or stolen), get some basic stuff done, change your wallpaper, change your ringtone, find out how fast your phone is, and change your browser.

Secure Your Phone

1Password ($18)


It’s expensive, but this app helps you store all of your sensitive data behind a single password. Protect your credit card info, passwords, and browser log-ins with military grade encryption.

Private Photo Vault ($3)


If you have some sensitive photos on your iPhone roll that you’d prefer to keep hidden, you’ve come to the right place. You can make individual or whole albums of photos and videos private.

Hotspot Shield VPN ($5)


For $5 a month, you can secure your Wi-Fi connection, protect your identity, and block hackers when using public hotspots. It can also compress data and unblock websites for you.

Track Your Phone



This security package offers a number of useful features to protect your iPhone, avoid viruses, back up your contacts, and help you to locate it if the worst happens and it’s been lost or stolen.

Device Locator ($3)


This app plots the position of your iPhone, so you can see exactly where it is and where it has been. You can also capture a photo remotely, sound an alarm, or send a message to it.

Prey Anti Theft


This app locates your iPhone and remotely takes photos, displays an alert message, and sounds an alarm. The premium version costs $30 per year and includes encrypted reports, and more.

Basic Utilities

AppZilla 3 ($1)


With over 150 apps bundled into this package, including basic utilities like a metronome, a password generator, various types of calculators and timers, and a flashlight, you can’t go wrong.

Alarm Clock HD ($1)


This is an alarm clock for your nightstand with support for multiple alarms, social media, news, weather integration, a sleep timer, and a flashlight you activate by shaking your iPhone.

MyScript Calculator


The iPhone comes with a calculator, but this one can recognize your handwriting and turn it into real equations. It’s very useful if you’re in a mathematical pinch and has a clean interface.



You can automate all sorts of reminders and tasks with this clever app by creating “recipes” or selecting from the available, ever-growing, community-driven library.

Launch Center Pro ($5)


Launch Center Pro is like a speed dial for your tasks. It saves you time by completing complex actions in a single tap. Set up shortcuts for everything from calling a friend to controlling your thermostat.

Going Paperless



Filing documents is a pain, but it’s a necessary one for organization and legal purposes. File This removes the annoying paper part of the equation and digitizes your documents and filing cabinets.

Genius Scan+($7)


Scanners are pricey, bulking, and barely used enough to justify owning own. Turn your phone into a scanner replacement with this app. It uses the camera to detect a physical page and quickly turn it into a PDF.


Onavo Extend


With how much you use your iPhone, you’re sure to rack up some serious data. Onavo Extend works in the background to manage your data usage and find you ways to save so you don’t get hit with usage charges.



You social media accounts link to just about everything, but you might be totally aware of what you’re allowing to be done with your information. MyPermissions shows you what apps do with your data and helps you stop it.


Cool Wallpapers HD


With more than 100,000 individual wallpaper designs, optimized for each model of iPhone, you are bound to find something in here you like enough to shove on your home and lock screens.

Pimp Your Screen ($2)


These wallpapers, icon skins, and app shelves will transform your iPhone’s home screen or lock screen. The app’s quick preview screens help you find the theme that’s best for your phone.

Wallpapers HD


This app has high quality wallpapers optimized for your iPhone, all divided into categories for easy browsing. It’s constantly updated with new entries, keeping you coming back for more.


Iconical ($2)


If customizing your background isn’t enough, then make your icons your own as well. This app gives you the power to customize the icons on your homescreen to give them the look and feel that you prefer.


Ringtonium ($1)


Boasting its own library of free music and easy editing tools, this app is a pleasure to use. You can create ringtones for different types of alerts, apply filters, and easily share your creations.

Ringtone Designer ($1)


You can make unlimited ringtones, text tones, and alerts with this app. It’s super easy to use. Just select a song or record audio with the iPhone’s mic and then cut it into a short clip. Done.

Benchmarking Apps



Test the performance of your iPhone and compare the results with top devices on Android or Windows with 3DMark. This is a diagnostic tool for graphics performance measurement.

Geekbench 3 ($1)


You can get an accurate read on processor and memory performance with this all-encompassing series of benchmark tests. Geekbench 3 is an in-depth tool, and it is optimized for iOS 7.



GFXBench is a new name for GLBenchmark 2.7, a 3D benchmark designed to measure gaming performance. It lets you to compare your results on the iPhone with Android devices.

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