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185 Awesome iPhone Apps (Updated September 2014)

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Photos and Creativity

Looking to create some memories? These apps cover all areas of artistic expression for creating imagery on your phone. We’ve got everything you need when an image filter just isn’t enough.


Camera+ ($2)

CameraPlusEven with the iOS 7 update, Apple hasn’t done a whole lot with it’s default camera app. This is the full-featured photo taking app that you’ve always needed and wanted on your iPhone.

Pro Camera 7 ($5)

ProCamera7If you’re looking for an app to take pictures that are more than just point-and-click shots, ProCamera 7 will do the trick. It offers professional features to help you get the snapshot you want.

Luminance ($1)


Luminance is a filter-filled photography app. You can create new looks by layering different filters atop one another or by applying some of the built-in special effects. Try it out!

Horizon ($2)


If you can’t help but record videos or take photos with your phone held vertically, use this app. It automatically makes your videos horizontal and high quality, no matter how you decide to hold your iPhone.

Image Editing

FaceTune ($3)

FaceTuneLet’s be honest, most of your photos are of your, or  your friends faces. FaceTune is an app that will help you perfect the art of the selfie with a host of facial-focused editing features.

Photoshop Touch ($5)

PhotoshopTouchIt might not be as fully-featured as the desktop version of Photoshop, but isn’t as expensive, either. Photoshop Touch is ideal for doing touch ups and quick edits to photos on the go.

Photo Editor by Aviary

AviaryAs far as editing options go, Photo Editor by Aviary is hard to beat. There’s over 100 filters and effects that can be purchased, and aesthetic touches like frames and stickers to be applied.

Photo Backup


MyShoeboxMyShoebox allows you to carry all of your photos with you without them taking up all your hard drive space. It automatically saves your photos to the cloud as you take them, as well.


PicturelifePictureLife is more than just a photo backup solution, though that is it’s primary function. Sync all your photos from your social networks so you can save them privately or share them.

Amazon Cloud Photos


If you don’t rely on Amazon for enough already, trust your photos with it, as well. This app offers 5GB of space on Amazon’s servers and syncs with the photo collection on your device.


ArtRage ($2)

ArtrageArtRage is for those who really like to create stuff on a canvas. Really. This physical paint simulation app does its best to recreate the painting experience on your iPhone to make it portable.

Sketchbook ($2)

SketchbookFor those who do more doodling than painting, the virtual pages of SketchBook should serve well. Plenty of pens and brushes are available, with a zoom for adding smaller details.

Auryn Ink ($4)

AurynInkPainting with water colors in Auryn Ink is considerably less messy than getting out a canvas and easel. This app features realistic water flow effects and pigment colors. Luckily, they won’t wash away.

Stylus Apps

Notability ($3)

NotabilityNote taking on the iPad can be tough without the physical keyboard, and sometimes it’s just easier to write. Notability is made to handle all of your handwritten notes and scribbles.

Inkflow ($8)

InkflowInkflow is a note-taking app for the visual learner inside each and every one of us. You can view your notes and sketches in high definition and organize them with a tap of your finger. It looks great.

Notes Anytime ($5)

NotesAnytimeIt’s nice to be able to put the stylus to the screen like a pen to paper, but bad handwriting can make it hard to decipher text when you revisit it. Notes Anytime converts writing to typed text.

Making Music



There’s no need to lug around an amplifier if you’re a musician with an iPhone. Just hook up to AmpliTube, the powerful and feature-rich mobile amp that gives you the power of studio sound on your smartphone.



Keezy seems incredibly simple, but it’s a packed with possibilities once you start to master it. This customizable soundboard lets you record your own boards and mash up sounds until you make something cool.


Code Academy


If you don’t know how to code, you’re missing out on contributing to the new ways the web and mobile are changing. This is a jumpstart into programming, laying out the basics of code and teaching you to improve.

Khan Academy


There are videos to teach you just about anything in this app. Take those courses you could never get into in college, get a refresher on the skills you need, or just learn something new for fun.



TED Talks aren’t quite as trendy as they once were, but there is still plenty of content to be watched and ideas to be digested. The official app curates all the videos and organizes them for your browsing pleasure.



If there’s a task that you’re just not sure how to do, Snapguide can likely walk you through it. How-tos, recipes, projects, and lifehacks are all added by people who know what they’re doing so you can do more.

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