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185 Awesome iPhone Apps (Updated September 2014)

We don’t know what kind of iPhone app you’re looking for, but we’re hoping you’ll find it here. We’ve got more than a hundred of our favorite apps spanning a bunch of different categories, all of which you can find in the Key. Click on any category or subcategory to jump right to it, and click on the name of any app to link directly to the iPhone App Store.

Below are our app picks for Entertainment, Work and Organizing, Security and Utility, What’s Around Town, Social and Chat, Fitness and Health, Travel and Maps, and The Dark Arts. We’ll add new categories in the coming weeks and months. We hope you enjoy and please give us app suggestions or feedback in the comments.

Update on 9-16-2014 by AJ Dellinger: 24 new apps have been added in time for the iPhone 6. Load up your new device with apps from our new categories like Contacts, Weather, Music Making, Learning, Going Paperless, Usage, and more.

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New App Additions

Our list is being updated all the time with the newest and best apps we come across. Here are the latest additions to our collection of favorite iPhone apps.

Beer Buddy


Don’t drink alone – do it with Beer Buddy. This app allows you to scan the barcodes of booze with your camera and points you to reviews and information about the beverage in question so you pick the perfect drink.



While we’ve migrated to watching a lot of television online, there’s still plenty of commercial hurdles to jump before content. EndlessTV takes them out and provides a continuous stream of uninterrupted viewing.

Genius Scan+


Scanners are pricey, bulking, and barely used enough to justify owning own. Turn your phone into a scanner replacement with this app. It uses the camera to detect a physical page and quickly turn it into a PDF.

Launch Center Pro


Launch Center Pro is like a speed dial for your tasks. It saves you time by completing complex actions in a single tap. Set up shortcuts for everything from calling a friend to controlling your thermostat.



You social media accounts link to just about everything, but you might be totally aware of what you’re allowing to be done with your information. MyPermissions shows you what apps do with your data and helps you stop it.



If your newsfeed on Facebook needs to be spruced up a bit, Paper is a great way to infuse the best parts of the web in with your friends. It adds news articles from trusted sources that will interest you into the feed.



Who says secrets are no fun? When you can share anonymously with friends, coworkers, or just people in the same area as you, you never know what might be said and what you might find out.



Taking the time to sit down and read the news can be time consuming, but you can digest the top stories of the day while they’re read to you through this app, which enlists voiceover pros to narrate the news.

TodoMovies 3


Even the most frequent theater goer can get overwhelmed with the number of films on their “to watch” list. This app helps sort of what you have seen, want to see, and provides details about every film.



There’s no need to lug around an amplifier if you’re a musician with an iPhone. Just hook up to AmpliTube, the powerful and feature-rich mobile amp that gives you the power of studio sound on your smartphone.



Keezy seems incredibly simple, but it’s a packed with possibilities once you start to master it. This customizable soundboard lets you record your own boards and mash up sounds until you make something cool.

Code Academy


If you don’t know how to code, you’re missing out on contributing to the new ways the web and mobile are changing. This is a jumpstart into programming, laying out the basics of code and teaching you to improve.

Khan Academy


There are videos to teach you just about anything in this app. Take those courses you could never get into in college, get a refresher on the skills you need, or just learn something new for fun.



TED Talks aren’t quite as trendy as they once were, but there is still plenty of content to be watched and ideas to be digested. The official app curates all the videos and organizes them for your browsing pleasure.



If there’s a task that you’re just not sure how to do, Snapguide can likely walk you through it. How-tos, recipes, projects, and lifehacks are all added by people who know what they’re doing so you can do more.



If customizing your background isn’t enough, then make your icons your own as well. This app gives you the power to customize the icons on your homescreen to give them the look and feel that you prefer.

Dark Sky


You can get all kinds of information from weather apps but there’s one thing you really want to know: Is it going to rain? Dark Sky gives you word of the sky falling an hour in advance so you don’t step out into a downpour.



If you can’t help but record videos or take photos with your phone held vertically, use this app. It automatically makes your videos horizontal and high quality, no matter how you decide to hold your iPhone.



Have a question that needs an answer? Take a quick poll of your contacts or nearby connections and get answers on Jelly and help others make decisions by answering their questions.



Contact information regularly changes, and maintaining your address book can be a pain. Imagine if you could make your friends do it for you. Addappt allows your connections update their information for you so you can stay in touch.



Filing documents is a pain, but it’s a necessary one for organization and legal purposes. File This removes the annoying paper part of the equation and digitizes your documents and filing cabinets.



If you’re always looking for ways to save money while shopping, this app is sure to make you happy. Whether you’re picking up groceries or apparel, Ibotta rewards your purchases with cash back.

Yahoo Weather


There are tons of weather apps out there, but Yahoo Weather gives you the information that matters most with 5- and 10-day forecasts, placed atop stunning pictures of your location pulled from Flickr.

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