Plug that phone in while you navigate: Our 10 favorite car chargers for iPhone

Best iPhone 5/5S Car Chargers

TYLT Y-Charge Dual USB Car Charger ($50)

TYLT Y-Charge Dual USB Car Charger

TYLT’s Y-Charge Dual USB Car Charger

The TYLT Y-Charge Dual USB Car Charger may include an expensive price tag, but it also touts a bevy of features making it one of the best all-around car chargers to date. It’s silicone-encased and durable, while maintaining a lightweight feel and offering two USB ports that tap into the device’s 2.1 AMPs of power. Moreover, it’s compatible with all USB-chargeable devices and comes packaged with the appropriate, Mini USB charge cable for the iPhone 5. It’s pricey, but like most things in left, you pay for what you get.

Belkin Car Charger ($30)

Belkin Car Charger with Lightning Cable

Belkin’s Car Charger with Lightning Cable

Let’s be frank: Belkin’s iPhone 5 offering is a compact, lightweight option with power to spare. Coming in at a commendable 10 watts and 2.1 AMPs, the built-in lightning cable charges the iPhone 5 quickly, while remaining small enough for easy storage on the go — nothing more, nothing less.

Incipio Ultra Compact Car Charger ($30)

Incipio Ultra Compact Car Charger

Incipio’s Ultra Compact Car Charger

Like the aforementioned Belkin Car Charger, Incipio’s Ultra Compact Car Charger lives up to its name. Incredibly compact and outfitted with an attached lightning cable, the device touts 2.1 AMPs for lightning quick charges on the go. Also, although designed for the iPhone 5, the charger boasts compatibility with the other Apple products like the iPad Mini, fifth-gen iPod Touch, and seventh-gen iPod Nano.

Incase Mini Car Charger ($20)

Incase Mini Car Charger

Incase’s Mini Car Charger

Apple and Incase go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it’s no surprise that at least one of Incase’s Apple-friendly offerings dons our list. Packing 2.1 AMPs, the Incase Mini Car Charger offers quick charging capabilities and comes packaged with a detachable lightning cable. A handy, LED light indicates when your phone is charging, and though it may be more difficult to find than most other chargers, it’s also the most affordable on our list.

Griffin PowerJolt SE with Lightning Connector ($25)

Griffin PowerJolt SE with Lightning Connector

Griffin’s PowerJolt SE with Lightning Connector

As Griffin’s third offering on our roundup, the PowerJolt SE iPhone 5 car charger takes a cue from the chargers of yesterday with a coiled-cable design. Outfitted with a lightning connector cable and compatible with most later-generation Apple products, the PowerJolt packs 10 watts of charging capacity while boasting a self-resetting SmartFuse used for guarding against power fluctuations. And at 60 centimeters in length, it’s the perfect for those long hours on the road.

What do you think of our selection of the best iPhone chargers? Don’t see your favorite on our list? Let us know by sounding off in the comments below.

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