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Action & Sports

mzl.nynykrkk.175x175-75Injustice: Gods Among Us (Free)

This is a companion release for the console title and it blends some elements of RPG and card collecting with pretty simple beat ‘em up gameplay. Is it an amazing game? Let’s just say it has Batman in it and it’s free. In fact there’s a whole roster of DC heroes and villains in there, the visuals are really good, and it is fun in short bursts. Did I mention it has Batman in it?

injustice screenshot

mzl.jaodwdghPlasma-Sky ($2)

Sometimes games are very derivative, but when they do something well enough, it doesn’t really matter. Plasma-Sky is more space shooter action with neon graphics and it will remind you of arcade classics of yesteryear and more recent App Store space shooters, but if you like that kind of thing, then you’ll definitely like this. There are tons of enemies and bosses to defeat across 80 levels, power-ups galore, and as many lasers as you can handle, what’s not to like?


into the dead iconInto the Dead (Free)

Zombies, zombies are everywhere in this apocalyptic twist on the endless runner genre. Your task is to survive for as long as you possibly can. You’ll find weapons and other pickups to help you last a bit longer, but in the end the undead get everyone. You’ll earn coins as you go and you can use them to buy perks before the next round of relentless zombie attack. Naturally there’s the option to spend real cash to boost your survival chances, but you can have plenty of fun without spending.

Into the Dead screenshot

Temple Run IconTemple Run (Free)

This addictive game has you running from a pack of gorillas as fast as possible through a temple-like obstacle course. You must make quick turns, jump over logs and bridges, slide underneath rings of fire, collect gold coins and make it as far as you can without getting trampled by the gorillas or meeting your death from a fall or smack in the face. This one’s good for adrenaline junkies and those who like a good race.

Best iPhone Games: Temple Run

Fruit Ninja IconFruit Ninja ($1)

Like Angry Birds, this action game is extremely simple but extraordinarily addictive. Users swipe a finger across the screen to slice fruit as it flies across the screen. Miss slicing one too many and you’re out. Slice multiple pieces of fruit with one swipe for combination points and watch out for flying bombs, which will kill you and your score in an instant. The game features classic and arcade modes as well as multiplayer for Game Center-enabled devices. Turn the sound up because, trust us, hearing your fruit be slashed and splattered is the best part.

Best iPhone Games: Fruit Ninja

Epoch IconEpoch ($6)

This newly released action game has you controlling a robot as it struggles to survive a post-apocalyptic world where humans are no longer around and robots live to fight a never-ending war. The game utilizes a unique cover system and features stunning visuals not typically matched on mobile devices. Endless customization awaits you as you configure your robot with salvaged parts and battle waves of robots in arena-style action.

Best iPhone Games: Epoch

Heroes and Castles IconHeroes and Castles ($2)

This is an engaging combination of third-person action combat with castle building strategy. Can you and your castle survive against hordes of undead, orcs, and goblins? You’ll recruit big armies, construct buildings and improve your castle defenses, and you can also leap into the fray yourself to lay waste to the enemy. You can play as one of three heroes with all the fun of leveling up and looting, but don’t forget to improve your castle and recruit more troops to help you. The two player co-op mode adds to the fun.

Best iPhone Games: Heroes and Castles

Ski on Neon IconSki-On-Neon (Free)

This skiing game is addictive thanks to the difficulty of getting the slopes just right. It’s a simple game where all you have to do is press your finger to the screen when you want to crouch (going into a downhill slope) or not. The slopes make for tricky timing and you must get to a certain height jump before making it to the next level.

Best iPhone Games: Ski on Neon

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