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63 awesome iPhone games you need to play

Adventure Games

The Silent Age (Free)

silent age 4

When custodian Joe Average encounters a dying man, he finds himself in the midst of a time travel plot to save mankind. It’s an understated thriller with unique paper aesthetic.

The Journey Down: Chapter One ($5)

journey down 2

This colorful, Afro-Caribbean world never fails to draw you in as you work your way through puzzles chronicling the life of gas station attendant Bwana as he attempts to uncover the secret history of his father.

Botanicula ($5)

botanicula 2

Truly a genre of its own making, the short Botanicula has you work to save a tree from evil parasites as an ethereal, bug-like being. The clever puzzles and stellar music compliment the vivid visuals.

Limbo ($5)

Limbo 2

A terrific, touch-controlled platform game, Limbo is a stunning saga of a boy who wanders through a haunting industrial jungle. There’s no explanation, no dialogue, and no shortage of horrendous surprises.

Year Walk ($4)

year walk 2

This point-and-click exclusive combines Swedish folklore with a sleek minimal design. It’s terrifying and stylized beautifully, with a mature storyline sure to propel you through its short duration.

Walking Dead: The Game (Free)

Walking Dead iOS Screen

Although set in the same universe as the blockbuster AMC show, Telltale’s title is more about characters, exploration, and quick-wit puzzles than mindlessly killing zombies with the closest boomstick.

Machinarium ($5)

machinarium 4

In the all-robot city filled with unsettling electronic sounds, Machinarium follows protagonist Josef as he solves a slew of challenging puzzles to save his robo-girlfriend from a slew of humorous villains.

Knights of Pen and Paper ($5)

knights of pen and paper 2

This retro, turn-based RPG pays tribute to old-school days of D&D. It’s an imaginative mix of pixel art and geeky humor, with solid RPG mechanics and an oddball sense of charm that relies on your imagination.

Device 6 ($4)

device 6 2

Completely text-based, you play as Anna, an amnesiac who wakes up on an island. The game is more mystery novel than anything. You job is to uncover the truth about Anna and her enigmatic locale.

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