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Best iPhone games

Best iPhone games

With over 500,000 apps now available for download in the iTunes app store, the gaming options are nearly limitless. In the sea of games for the iPhone, some are worth your 99 cents (or download time) and others are not. We’ve taken on the burden of sorting through the endless games to bring you what we think are the best iPhone games for everyone from the intense console gamer to the casual word puzzle enthusiast.

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gemini rue logoGemini Rue ($5)

Point-and-click adventures work beautifully with touchscreens. This atmospheric, sci-fi detective story unashamedly riffs off Blade Runner as it weaves together a captivating story with great voice acting, retro art, and a series of challenging puzzles. The combat sections buck the genre trend, and stop you from getting too comfortable, although there was a point-and-click Blade Runner game back in the day that did the same thing. Is Gemini Rue a rip off? Sure it is, but it’s derivative of something truly great, and enjoyable in its own right.

gemini rue screenshot

Dragon up iconDragon Up (Free)

You’re building a Dragon Roost, which is like a high rise for dragons. There are various kinds of dragons, but they all vomit coins which you have to collect. You can also get your hands on treasures and equip your dragons to supercharge them so they can collect more coins, and you can hatch more dragons. It’s quirky and comical, but there is a game in there too. Despite being a freemium game, with a little patience, it’s possible to progress and have fun without vomiting up any coins of your own. Check out our full Dragon Up review to learn more.

Dragon Up screenshot

the walking dead iphone game appWalking Dead: The Game ($5 per episode or $20 for all five)

The Walking Dead comic book series already spawned a successful TV show and so a licensed game was inevitable. The surprise here is that developer, Telltale Games, has crafted a decent release in five episodes. It features a new storyline set in the same universe and players take on the role of Lee Everett, a former history professor. If you’re looking to blow heads off with your boomstick then keep looking, rather than zombie slaying action this is all about characters, exploration, quick time events, and puzzles.

Best iPhone Games: The Walking Dead

horn iphone icon

Horn ($7)

You can hardly fail to be impressed by this third-person action adventure. Horn casts you as a blacksmith’s apprentice intent on unraveling a curse that has transformed everyone into mechanical creatures. The story will draw you straight in and the blend of combat and puzzle gameplay is a lot of fun. A rich fantasy world has been brought to life in Horn and it’s a polished title that’s looking to push mobile boundaries.

Best iPhone Games: Horn

Nihilumbra ($3)nihilumbra icon

A clever and puzzling adventure that tasks you with escaping from The Void which wants to reclaim you, Nihilumbra is original, engaging, and challenging. It looks very stylish and you’ll unlock new colors to bring life to your drab world and give you powers as you progress. It’s essentially a mixture of platform and puzzle gameplay. The story and the art really elevate this game, but be warned, it gets very tough toward the end.

Best iPhone Games: Nihilumbra

Minecraft Pocket Edition IconMinecraft – Pocket Edition ($7)

The chances are good that you’ve heard about the smash hit indie sandbox game, Minecraft. It challenges you to explore, mine, construct, and survive in a series of randomly generated environments. You are free to choose how you want to play the game, which has virtually infinite replay value, but the main focus is on building. The initially disappointing iOS version has been updated in the last few months and now offers crafting, a survival mode, mobs, and a creative mode.

Best iPhone Games: Minecraft Pocket Edition

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