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10 best Nexus 5X cases to guard your Google phone

The temptingly low price tag and impressive set of specs will have plenty of people rushing to buy a new Nexus 5X, but it would be wise to take steps to protect that protruding camera lens and the 5.2-inch screen. You may also decide that the understated, plastic curves could be dressed up to look a little prettier. Either way, you’re going to want to check out the best Nexus 5X cases and covers on the market. These are our top picks so far.

Updated on 2-4-2016 by Simon Hill: Added cases by Incipio, Rhino Shield, Cruzerlite, Noreve, and Ballistic.

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Incipio NGP Case ($20)

Incipio NGP Case

This slim, soft-shell case is a good choice if you don’t like bulky cases. It’s easy to fit, durable, and comfortable to hold. It adds some grip and basic protection from bumps and drops. There are well-defined button covers on the side, and the cut-outs ensure easy access to your controls, as well as the ports on the bottom edge. The camera cutout doesn’t interfere with photos, either. It’s a slightly translucent case that comes in black, blue, pink, or frost.

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Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper ($25)

Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper

Some Nexus 5X cases interfere with access to the fingerprint sensor on the back, but this bumper leaves the front and back entirely exposed. It does still offer really solid drop protection, because the bumper is thick and shock absorbent. It also extends front and back to ensure your phone never comes into contact with the ground. The button covers are easy to find without looking, and the bumper comes in black or white.

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Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case ($10)

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case

If you just want a basic flexible TPU case, then there’s no need to spend more than this. The Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit case comes in a wide range of different colors, and every case features the Android mascot with a circuitry design on the back. It’s a slim case that should absorb the impact of small drops and bumps. There’s also a lip to protect the screen, but it’s not a really rugged case. You’ll find accurate openings for the camera, sensors, and ports. The button covers work well, too.

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Noreve Tradition Leather Case ($50)

Noreve Tradition Leather Case

Most of the Nexus 5X cases on the market are pretty cheap, but you can find a touch of French style with this real leather offering from Noreve. This is a vertical flip open case hand-crafted from genuine leather. The exterior is plush and padded with a soft lining inside to keep your phone pristine. Your Nexus 5X is held snug and secure, but there are generous openings for the camera, fingerprint sensor, buttons, and ports. You can get this case in a wide variety of different leather grain finishes and colors if you don’t mind spending a little extra.

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Ballistic Tough Jacket Case ($35)

Ballistic Tough Jacket Case

As you may guess from the Tough Jacket name, this case offers really rugged drop protection with heavily reinforced corners to guard against damage from falls. There’s a textured grid pattern on the back and the finish definitely adds grip. You’ll also find pronounced button covers and accurate openings for ports, camera, and sensors. Because it’s a thick case, you might find it a little awkward to use the fingerprint sensor, but it helps if you set up your fingerprint with the case on. If you primarily want drop protection, this multi-layer case will keep your phone safe even if it takes a tumble from 6 feet.

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