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Protect your Pixel XL with one of these tempting cases

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With unparalleled Android integration, an excellent camera, and your own artificially intelligent assistant built-in, Google’s new Pixel phones are tempting. The larger sibling offers a sharper 5.5-inch display and a much bigger battery, which makes it more attractive if you can stomach the higher price tag, but big phones can prove hard to handle. Aluminum and glass is a slippery combination and it’s not known for its durability. The smart play is to invest in one of the best Pixel XL cases before an accident happens.

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Caseology Vault Series Case ($12)

Caseology Vault Series Case

There are lots of TPU shell cases on the market. They provide a decent level of protection, for a reasonable price, in a flexible package that’s easy to fit and comfortable to use. Caseology stands out because of the stylistic flourishes, so in this Vault Series case we have a brushed metallic finish on the back and a carbon fiber highlight around the camera. The cut-outs are generous and accurate, the button covers work well, and there’s a lip around the display.

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Olixar Ultra-Thin Gel Case ($7.50)

Olixar Ultra-Thin Gel Case

This case is as basic as they come. It’s a thin, transparent layer that’s really flexible. It has openings for all your Pixel XL’s features and functions and very slim button covers. There’s a slight lip around the front to help protect the screen. It should guard against scuffs and scratches, without cramping your phone’s style too much, but it’s not going to offer real drop protection.

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Mobile Fun

Krusell Malmo Folio Case ($32)

Krusell Malmo Folio Case

If you prefer a wallet case, then you might like this one. It’s finished with a durable, textured plastic material with cut-outs for the camera and speaker. Open it up and you’ll find a transparent, flexible shell to slot your Pixel Xl into. It has well-defined button covers and openings for everything. The inside of the cover is very soft and there’s a single slot for an ID or credit card, though you could probably get a couple in there if you had to.

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Mobile Fun

Carved Wood Case ($24+)

Carved Wood Case

You’ll find a wonderful selection of wood cases for your Pixel XL at Carved. You can opt for plain finishes in mahogany, redwood, or another wood, but the engraved and printed cases are well worth the extra money. You’ll find lots of different designs from talented artists. The case itself is flexible rubber with ridged sides for extra grip. It’s pretty thin, and there are accurate cut-outs for everything.

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Amazon Carved

Poetic Affinity Series Case ($8)

Poetic Affinity Series Case

Here’s a cheap, protective case with an interesting dual material design. The main body is clear, hard polycarbonate, but there’s TPU inside to dissipate shock and a TPU exoskeleton in black to provide some drop protection at the corners where you need it most. The button covers and cut-outs are all present and correct, and there’s a raised bezel around the screen. The only drawback is that the polycarbonate scuffs easily, but the frame should protect it most of the time, just don’t put it in your pocket with keys.

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