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Here are the best Android podcast apps

Listen to your favorite podcasts with these great Android apps

Radio is a dying format — well, at least in the traditional manner. These days, most of us prefer listen to podcasts. Not only are they more convenient to find, but you can download and listen to them whenever and wherever you choose. All you need is a smartphone, a pair of headphones, and the right app to do so. But which is the “right” app? There are plenty of solid offerings on the market, many of which will allow you to browse, download, subscribe, and manage your favorite podcasts on your phone like they were any other piece of content. Below are a few suggestions for Android.

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Google Play Music (Free)


Support for podcasts was recently added to Google Play Music, and while many podcasts have yet to make their way to the platform, this is a great option if your preferred podcasts have, especially if you use Google Play Music for your music streaming needs. If not, however, you can still listen to podcasts without needing to subscribe.

Using Google Play Music, you can subscribe to different podcasts and set up notifications that will alert you when new episodes of your favorite podcasts premiere. You’ll also be able to resume where you left off if you happen to stop listening to an episode halfway through, and if you’re looking for a platform that works on multiple devices, Google Play Music is perfect since you can listen via the Google Play Music website as well.

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Google Play

BeyondPod (Free)


BeyondPod is a well-known podcast app, and for good reason. The app provides you with access to a range of important features, as well as popular podcasts such CNN, ESPN, and a host of others. Some of the features that set this app apart from other apps on our list include the fact that it offers Chromecast support, allows you to control your download preferences, and even supports Feedly.

Another interesting feature in BeyondPod is that it can handle video, audio, and text feeds. You also have the option to download podcasts for offline listening or viewing. The interface takes some getting used to, but you’ll get a quick tutorial on how to use it when you first fire it up.

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Google Play

Pocket Casts ($4)


Another popular app is Pocket Casts, which sets itself apart with a modern interface that looks as great as it functions. The app supports both light and dark themes, too, and offers settings that let you control your download preferences — a welcome feature if you don’t have unlimited data. You can also build a playback podcast, trim the silences between podcasts, and carry out a host of other actions.

Another neat feature in Pocket Casts is that you can sign in using any Android device, which helps you access your podcasts more quickly if you’re using another device. The developers behind the app also routinely release bug fixes and updates, so you can expect more great features as time goes on. The only downside? The app costs $4.

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Google Play

DoggCatcher ($3)


DoggCatcher is one of the older podcast apps on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s outdated. After all, the developers have done a pretty good job of ensuring it’s up to speed.

Unlike some of the other apps on our list, DoggCatcher features built-in support for Android Wear and Android Auto, so you can control your podcast playback directly from your wrist or using your in-car dashboard. The app also makes it easy to subscribe to new podcasts and allows you to control the playback speed. While a little cheaper than Pocket Casts, DoggCatcher will still run you $3.

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Google Play

Podcast and Radio Addict


Podcast and Radio Addict has a pretty nice feature set, especially for a free app. It offers support for Pebble devices — along with Android Wear and Android Auto — so if you have a Pebble watch this might be the right choice for you. The app also lets you listen to audio podcasts and watch video podcasts.

The trade-off for these features is that the interface is a little cluttered and outdated. You’ll still be able to tweak download preferences and other settings like with other apps, however, and the app offers support for internet radio stations, making it the perfect choice for those who like to listen to stations online.

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Google Play



SoundCloud has become quite the podcast app over the past few years, and many content creators now choose to upload their podcasts directly to SoundCloud on top of other platforms. The main downside is that it will take some time for you to find all the podcasts you want to listen to, but once you do, everything will work nicely and smoothly. The app features a handsome interface, too, and allows you to “favorite” tracks you’d like to listen to at a later time.

SoundCloud is largely about streaming rather than downloading, however, so if you’re looking for something that you can use offline, there might be a better option on the app market.

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Google Play