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Broken heart? These apps will help you erase and block your ex from your digital life

broken heartValentine’s Day has come and gone, and hopefully most of you were able to throw something together and enjoy the day with your significant other. But as is the nature of a holiday focused on love and dating and everything in-between, break-ups were bound to have happened. For all those that found themselves ForeverAlone as of yesterday, a moment for your loss. Now, it’s time to pick up the pieces and start getting over your ex. The last thing you want to see right now are pictures of said ex plastered all over your social media accounts. Luckily there are a handful of apps that can give you a clean slate and wipe your former paramour off the face of the Internet as you know it (seriously, he/she was so lucky to have you, you’re better off without him/her). 

Remove your ex from Facebook


killswitch app

Without going as far as to delete your ex from Facebook – don’t sacrifice your maturity here – Killswitch acts as your digital guardian angel and in one fell swoop removes nearly any trace of you and your ex from your Facebook profile. The app is thorough enough to remove content with your ex in it that you and your friends have posted to Facebook, including photos, videos, wall posts, and status updates.

The app does have its shortcomings. Killswitch merely buries all traces of your ex in photos that they’ve been tagged in. Any images of you and your significant other that you’ve forgotten to tag might one day spring up on you. So if an unexpected glance at that face is going to send you reeling, you might want to also perform a manual comb over after installing Killswitch. 

If later down the road you’re for some reason regretting that you’ve deleted the photos, or you and your significant other have patched things up (hurray! We were just being supportive about that “you can do better thing” a second ago), you’ll be glad to know that the removed images aren’t technically deleted. The photos that you want so hard to forget are really just shelved in a hidden album buried in a dark corner of your Facebook profile.

The app for now is only available in the Google Play Store, but you’ll be glad to know that the iOS app is on its way.

Eternal Sunshine

eternal sunshine chome pluginThe name is a nod to the Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet flick that inspired this Chrome app. Eternal Sunshine isn’t really an app that’s intended to block just your exes, but it definitely comes in handy for this specific purpose. Plus it’s a great accompaniment to Killswitch, since the Android app can’t yet block them from the News Feed entirely.

Just to reiterate, Eternal Sunshine is a Chrome plugin, so it only supports Chrome browsers. If this fits your criteria (and we’d recommend that you try out Chrome if you haven’t already) you can hide your ex from popping up in most areas on Facebook. All you need is their username or user ID. The list of Facebook content that it can mask includes:

  • Stream updates
  • Profile updates
  • Profile photo updates
  • Photo page photo albums
  • Sidebar suggested photo albums
  • Chat list
  • Frequent friends on chat list
  • User profile friends list

Avoid your ex on the Web

Block Your Ex

block your ex

If you want a more robust tool to block your ex, the aptly named Block Your Ex Web app should meet your needs. Block Your Ex works kind of like an ad blocker: It’s a browser-based plugin, which can be customized just for up to five exes that you never want to see or hear from again, that simply hides all traces of your ex from plain sight. Just type in their first name, last name, Twitter, Facebook, and blog URLs, and Block Your Ex will do the rest.

Block Your Ex only supports Firefox and Chrome for now.

Word of advice: You might run into a problem when you try to add the extension to Chrome. You’ll have to manually allow the Block Your Ex extension since Chrome will block it by default.

Block your ex on your phone

Many of us carry around smartphones and it stands to reason you’ll probably have your ex saved in your address book – and anyone who’s gone through a break-up knows that this can be very, very dangerous. Blocking their number is probably the first thing you should really do if you’re determined to rid of them from your digital life.

Android owners have a cornucopia of apps that will block calls and SMS. Those of you with iOS devices, however, are out of luck. You’ll have to either jailbreak your phone and install Cydia to download apps that block calls and text messages, or else you’re just left with calling your provider.

If you’re sporting an Android device, you can check out these free apps that block both text messages and calls:

Call Control

PrivacyStar Text & Call Block

Mr. Number


sms Blocker

If your willpower is weak…

Ex Lover Blocker

ex lover blocker app

Until now, we’ve shown you ways to block your ex, but at the end of the day it’s up to you what level of ex-blocking you’re able to take it too. And if you’re emotionally “weak,” there’s an iOS app for that.

Leave it up to a Brazilian guaraná-flavored soft drink brand, with the help of ad agency DDB Brazil, to come up with this clever and surprisingly useful app. The Ex Lover Blocker uses fear and peer pressure to sway you from calling your ex. If you do actually make that fateful call, the app reaches out to your friends with the hope that they’ll knock some sense into you. If that doesn’t work, and you try to work around the app to keep your communication open with the ex, The Ex Lover Blocker will smite you and automatically publish a very public Facebook status update telling your friends about your pathetic willpower. Yeah – you heard right: Everyone will know you caved and called the ex you’ve been so vigorously avoiding. And that is not cute. 

One little thing about the app though: The language by default is in Portuguese. This doesn’t mean the messages being sent out have to be, but in-app, you might get a little confused.