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Casio announces new A5401CA camera phone

Main features of A5401CA

1,240,000-pixel CCD camera
1,240,000-pixel 1/2.7 inch progressive CCD camera loading realized high-definition photography of SXGA (1280×960 dots) size at the maximum.

Photograph print quality of image
The picture of the SXGA size photo with the CCD camera is printed beautifully, and can be enjoyed. The print method that a high-definition photograph can be enjoyed easily.

A colorful zoom function

22 stage digital [ 8 times as many as this ] zoom
The digital 8 timeszoom which can also use movie photography was carried as well as the photograph.

Panorama photography
The first panorama photography function in the industry is carried. The photographed picture can make it scroll automatically on a screen.

Macro photography
Only by changing a switch macroscopically, memorandum of data or a timetable can also be photoed distinctly.

“16MB data folder” which can save about 80 SXGA pictures of photograph print quality of image

Crystal Fine liquid crystal

Liquid crystal is adopted also as a sub display. For a main & sub display, a JPGE picture is an equivalent for a maximum of 15,680,000 colors.

The Casio A5401CA features a 1,240,000 pixel 1/2.7 inch progressive CCD and a 8 time digital zoom. Supported photo resolutions: SXGA(1280×960), VGA(640×480), panorama (640×176)and (132×176)
The Camera Phone features 16MB! of memory which lets users store about 80 SXGA photos.

The is 48 (width) x 95 (height) x 24mm high and about weighs about 106g.

The phone is available in three colors of unique Yellow Bee, Ingot Silver and black Forest Black.