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The season of family get-togethers, drinking and eating too much, and sacks full of presents, is upon us. Are you feeling jolly yet? Some of you will be dreading the inevitable arguments as the whole family is stuffed into one house; some of you will be focused on the new gadgets heading your way; and some of you will be counting down the days until vacation starts and you can put your feet up in front of the TV. Whether you’re going to be donning a Christmas jumper and singing carols or just playing up the Santa visit for your kids, we’ve got a bunch of ridiculous Christmas apps for you. If these don’t get you in the spirit then nothing will. They’re so full of holiday spirit they’d make little 8-pound, 6-ounce baby Jesus cry.

Sleeps to Christmas 2 (Free)

How many more sleeps before Christmas rolls round? This app will tell you exactly how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds remain before you hear those sleigh bells ringing. If that isn’t enough for you, the countdown is accompanied by some animated characters and a smattering of classic Christmas carols including Jingle Bells and Joy to the World. This one is only on the iPhone.

Christmas Countdown FULL 2012 ($1)

Here’s an Android app that will keep your kids amused and get them excited as the big day approaches. It’s a supercharged advent calendar that challenges you to help the elves save Christmas. There’s a new game every day with puzzles and riddles to solve and you’ll also be rewarded with a comedy Elven Advent poem and a funny animation when you complete each one.

Christmas HD ($2)

This animated Christmas scene is super-detailed, it’s live wallpaper for your Android smartphone and it’s guaranteed to fill you with the Christmas spirit. There’s a decorated tree, stockings hanging in front of a roasting fire, a countdown calendar, and snow outside. You can even customize the lights, ornaments, text, and lots of other little details.

Talking Santa (AndroidiOS, $1)

Your kids can talk to Santa every day with this app and he will repeat whatever they say. You can also play around to discover some comical animations. The app includes options to create videos, Christmas messages, or cards and send them via text, email or Facebook. The developers have added another character from their talking menagerie into this app – Ginger the cat. It’s daft, but kids generally find it funny. Make sure you turn off Wi-Fi or keep an eye on them as they play because it’s very easy to download more content from within the app if they tap the wrong button or hit an ad.

A Charlie Brown Christmas ($5)

Who can resist the Peanuts classic from 1965? It appears here as an interactive story book with narration, animations and music to enjoy. You or your kids will feel that warm Christmas glow as you play Schroeder’s piano and decorate Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. This is seasonal nostalgia for adults and proves just as entertaining for a new generation. It’s only available on iOS.

Christmas Photo Frames (Free)

You know those horribly twee Christmas cards with shiny baubles, snowflakes, and holly? Have you ever wanted to make your own? With this free Android app you can take your own photos and choose from over 100 different Christmas themed frames to decorate them with. This app is perfect for making your own batch of Christmas cards.

The Christmas List ($1)

If you’re anything like me, Christmas shopping is one night on the Internet and everything arrives by mail, but some people like to plan, shop around, and find truly thoughtful gifts. If you want to stay organized then The Christmas List app on iPhone is pretty unbeatable. You can set budgets, sync lists via email, track gift status, add people directly from your contacts list, and even password protect the app. This is perfect for Christmas shoppers who crave military precision.

If you want an Android alternative try Christmas List Pro, it’s not as feature-rich or polished, but it basically does the same thing.

Super Dance Elf Christmas with Friends ($1)

Everyone harbors a secret desire to see their friends and loved ones’ heads pasted onto dancing bodies in elf suits right? This iPhone app lets you put a face from one of your photos onto a male or female elf, Miss Merry Christmas or Reggae Reindeer body and watch them dance to seasonal tunes. Sadly, you can only share with other people who have the app so it’s best employed when you’re going to pass your iPhone round so everyone can have a laugh.

Christmas Carolizer (Free)

How about a spot of Christmas karaoke complete with auto-tune? This app comes with two free seasonal songs (extras are $1 each) and you can sing along karaoke style. You can also create cards with your own photos, add Santa hats and other bits and pieces, and then share them via Facebook, Twitter, or email. This one is only available on iOS.

Holiday Time Machine (Free)

Travel back to Christmas past with this Video Time Machine offshoot that focuses on the holiday season. Simply set your year and you can enjoy TV, adverts and music from Christmases gone by. You can also share what you find on Facebook and Twitter. This might just rekindle your childhood wonder and it should have something everyone because it goes all the way back to 1898. It’s only available for iOS.

Toca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift (Free)

Easily claiming the prize for the weirdest Christmas app on the market, Toca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift challenges you to cut, color, and style Santa’s hair and beard. There are lots of colors to choose from and various accessories, so if you want to know what Santa looks like with a red Mohican then this is your chance. There’s also a tree to trim and decorate. This is actually a good app for kids and there are no ads or in-app purchases in sight. It’s only on iOS.

Have you found any other useful, fun, or over-the-top Christmas apps? Post a comment and share.

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