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Cingular’s 3G Service Hits Little Rock


Cingular’s 3G network provides average download data speeds between 400- 700 kilobits per second with bursts to over one megabit. The company currently provides 3G services in more than 80 cities and towns located nearby more than 20 major metropolitan markets.

"People want mobile access to communications and information services wherever they are," said Larry Evans, vice president and general manager for Cingular Wireless. "Our 3G network complements the broadband experience customers already receive at work and home by extending an ‘invisible wire’ throughout our service area."

The Cingular 3G network uses HSDPA/UMTS (High Speed Downlink Packet Access/Universal Mobile Telephone System) technology. This technology makes it possible for people to enjoy a wide variety of wireless content. Verizon and Sprint have similar services.

Cingular Video includes local weather forecasts in 100 cities across the country, three times more cities than any other service provider. Basic Cingular Video service includes more options for families from media outlets including ABC TV, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, CNN, Disney Channel, Disney Mobile Studios, ESPN, FOX Sports, FOX News, FOX TV, FUEL, HBO Family (premium), HBO Mobile (premium), iFilm, Jayski Alerts, Music Choice, NASCAR.com To Go (premium), NCAA Championship Sports Content, NBC, Richard Childress Racing, SPEED, The Weather Channel and TV Guide Channel.

Cingular Video costs an extra $19.99 on top of your regular phone service. You can also add the service to your laptop for around $99 for a special modem card that allows you to access their network. Visit Cingular.com for more information.

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