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CyanogenMod’s GalleryNext app now supports Chromecast, Roku

CyanogenMod, the open-source version of Android, has added Chromecast and Roku support for its GalleryNext app. The app, which has been in beta since January, combines photos and videos from cloud services such as Dropbox, Facebook, and Flickr and stores it locally on a device. It also has a “Moments” feature that automatically groups photos and videos based on metadata.

The CyanogenMod team announced the improvement in a blog post published on Friday. The update also mentioned other changes such as improved scrolling and load times; delete and undo support; and bug fixes for Google Plus, Facebook, and Dropbox.

CyanogenMod has released an updated version of the beta application on the Google Play Store. The company’s previous app store release — its alternative Android OS installer — was pulled from the Play Store in November for violating Google’s terms of service. According to Google, the app “encouraged users to void their warranty.” The CyanogenMod app offered more customization and theming options. However, it violated Google’s rules for altering devices in a manner that was hard to reverse. Last January, Koushik Dutta, a member of CyanogenMod’s development team, proposed bundling an app store with the CyanogenMod OS. The proposed store will host apps that have been banned from the Google Play Store.

If having all of your photos and videos in one app provides you with enough motivation to take part in the beta, then click here and then follow the instructions here. From there, just download the app and follow the instructions.