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Ericsson Halts Bluetooth Development

“Specifically, the company restructured its licensing operation, Ericssson Technology Licensing, which had set out to design Bluetooth solutions for other chip makers. That portion of thebusiness will be discontinued, and design and development of Bluetooth solutions for the semiconductor industry will also cease, Michelle French. director of media relations for North America, saidthis week.

Ericsson will still continue to offer Bluetooth silicon, but halt development, French said. “Ericsson’s Bluetooth knowledge will now be further integrated into Ericsson Mobile Platforms, and Ericsson will form a new smaller Bluetooth unit to maintain its current customers, primarily manufacturers in the semiconductor industry,” she wrote in an email. “

This is somewhat sad to see. The marketing push behind Bluetooth appears to be too weak and with WiFi making its way into handsets, Bluetooth will probably fade away.

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