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No joke: This ‘RIP Flappy Bird’ t-shirt costs $10,000

If you thought paying $100,000 for an iPhone loaded with Flappy Bird was idiotic (please say you did!), wait till you get a load of this: T-Shirts.com has released a “RIP Flappy Bird” t-shirt that costs $10,000. Really.

Okay, the actual price of the shirt is $9,999.99, but we here at Digital Trends won’t stand for such bold-faced marketing gimmicks! We all know the price is $10,000, T-Shirts.com. You aren’t fooling anybody by knocking off a single cent. (Yes, this whole thing is a marketing gimmick – but, hey, at least it’s a fun one.)

According to a T-Shirts.com spokesperson, the company decided to release the outrageously priced Flappy Bird torso covering to honor the complete absurdity of those $100,000 iPhones.

“Since we think it is ridiculous that phones pre-downloaded with the game are being sold for astronomical prices, we decided to hop on the bandwagon and also pay tribute to the beloved game in our own way,” said T-Shirts.com’s Leigh Wendinger.

Of course, Flappy Bird was an addictive yet awful game (by gamers’ standards) that nobody will be talking about by next week. And the whole $100,000 Flappy Bird iPhones, well, those have run into a giant killer green pipe, too: As CNet points out, it’s actually a violation of eBay’s terms of service to sell certain intellectual property you don’t own – like, for instance, mobile games. Which explains why those absurd listings were removed from the site soon after they made headlines.

If you’re somehow still wondering – yes, the $10,000 Flappy Bird shirt is a joke. But we had to ask: Has anyone actually bought one?

“Unfortunately, due to the unforeseen circumstances involving the passing of Flappy Bird, the digital community is still in a state of mourning and disbelief,” said Wendinger. “Therefore, we have yet to sell one of these shirts, but even with my employee discount, I am saving my pennies.”

Well, that makes one of us.

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