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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 saves a cop’s life, cop gets rewarded with a Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 isn’t exactly known for its petite size. However, it’s that large profile that saved a police sergeant senior major’s life, reports ThaiVisa.

The officer in question, Pol Major Gen Sophon Thomglorm, was shot by a suspect earlier this week. The bullet hit the left side of his waist, in the exact spot where his Galaxy Note 2 was located. The handset slowed down the bullet to the point where the resulting wound was not life threatening, though the Galaxy Note 2 itself succumbed to its injuries. Had the phone not impeded the bullet’s progress, his injuries could have been severe.

Thomglorm’s story went viral, eventually catching the attention of Samsung Thailand. As a result, the company offered Thomglorm a new Samsung Galaxy S6 and offered to pay for any travel expenses, in order for the officer to make the trip to Bangkok. Thomglorm accepted the offer.

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“I survived and Samsung attached importance to this,” said Thomglorm. “I am happy that Samsung will give me a new phone. I’ve shared this good news with my wife. Normally, I carry my phone at my left waist. It was my luck that the bullet happened to hit the phone. I fell down and shot back at the guy.”

Because of the extraordinarily lucky circumstances, the officer’s friends say he was saved by the “Luangpor Samsung.” The term “Luangpor” refers to a sacred amulet, which protects its wearer.