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Hey, Girls! Only Boost Has Purple Phones!

Youth-centric communications purveyor Boost Mobile is offering what it claims to be the “only purple-colored phone out on the U.S. market” in the form of the Motorola i835. Billing the model as sassy, sweet, and “female friendly,” the handsets feature a floral design by Gina Scollick, and come pre-loaded with feminine wallpapers, music, and ringtones. Boost also offers a feminine version of the i835 in white.

“I wanted to design a phone for girls that was feminine, but not bubble gum,” said Scollick. “The designs of the purple and white i835 phones from Boost Mobile were created for a diverse group of individuals with various tastes and life stories—the diversity and uniqueness of each individual is what inspires my work.”

The handsets feature an AgION antimicrobial coating to keep the painted surfaces from being eaten away by bacteria—and also feature a host of useful mobile phone features, like GPS capabilities with TeleNav service ($5 for four routes worth of audible driving directions), NextTel’s nationwide walkie-talkie service for $1 a day, multimedia and text messaging, wireless Web service, a 130 by 130 LCD display (with a separate external display), speakerphone, national roaming, and support for Java-enabled applications and games. The phones come with $10 of call credit.

The Motorola i835s are priced at $129.99; Boost Mobile’s prepaid and “hybrid prepaid options are priced between $30 and $70 a month.