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How to reset your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge to factory settings

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If your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge is running slow or an error seems to be plaguing performance, don’t fret — a quick factory restore could help refresh your phone. Similarly, if you’ve somehow lost your password, the same operation will make your device usable again.

Now, before we begin, we must make sure it’s clear what we mean by a factory restore. It will return your device to its original state before you bought it. That means all settings will be returned to defaults, and all data will be deleted. And by all, we mean everything — photos, videos, contacts, locally stored music, saved files. Absolutely everything will be scrapped, so be sure to back up anything and everything you wish to save, if you’re able to.

Now that the obligatory data wipe warnings are out of the way, let’s get on to business.

Soft Reset

The first option is to perform a Soft Reset, which is the easiest way to perform a factory reset for those who can access their phone’s settings. If you’ve already backed up your files, you can return your phone to factory settings easily through the settings menu.

  • Open Settings and scroll down to the Backup and reset option. Towards the bottom of the screen, tap Factory Data Reset.
  • The on-screen prompts will warn you that all data will be lost and the phone returned to default settings, but that’s why we’re here, right? Confirm that you wish to perform the reset, and then press Reset Device.
  • Your phone has now been restored to factory settings.

Hard Reset

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There is a second option, the Hard Reset, and those who have lost their passwords and are unable to access the phone’s settings will be able to perform a factory restore this way.

  • Turn off the device.
  • Once the phone is off, hold the volume up, home, and power buttons down simultaneously. Continue to hold this combination while the phone boots, until the screen shows the Android Robot.
  • After a few moments, you will have access to the phone’s boot menu. Using the volume up/down buttons to navigate, and the power button to make selections, find and select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option.
  • Scroll down to Yes, delete all user data, and press the power button once again. You will notice script scrolling along the bottom of the screen, which will end in Data Wipe Complete.
  • Once the operation is complete, press the power button once more to reset the device.

The phone has now been returned to factory settings, and you no longer have to worry about that lost password. Just make sure that you remember your new one.

Now that your phone is reset, any issues you may have had with it should be solved. If not, check out our Galaxy S6 problems and Galaxy S6 Edge problems guides.