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How to revive a dead pixel

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Fix using LCD Repair (Web-based)

LDC Repair is a piece of software designed to fix dead or stuck pixels by running them through a rigorous cycle of frequent color changes in a similar fashion to UndeadPixel. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer the kind of control or specificity options for selecting a desired, flashing window size, but it does feature full-screen functionality that spans a broad enough scope to capture any pesky pixels that may catch your eye.

1. Access the software: Head over to the LCD Repair website to open the browser-based utility online.

LCD Repair2. Locate the questionable pixel: Once the the page loads, click the buttons in the top-left corner to change your screen to the corresponding hue (i.e. green, blue, red, white and black). A dead or stuck pixel will stand out against every backdrop except for the color it’s stuck in. Continue cycling through the color screens until you find the pixel in question and make a mental note of its location.

3. Run the software: Click the Fix My Screen button below the color buttons to begin running the program. The software will launch in full-screen mode by default, a hodgepodge of colors exploding on the screen and waving from left to right. Leave the utility running for and upwards of an hour.

4. Check the results: Click the mouse or press the ESC key when finished and run the same cycle you used to locate the dead or stuck pixel in step 2. Check to see if the questionable pixel has returned to normal, and if it hasn’t, choose an alternative method.

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