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How to revive a dead pixel

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Fix using Dead Pixel Detect and Fix (Android)

Despite the lackluster name, Dead Pixel Detect and Fix is quick way of locating and potentially repairing dead or stuck pixels. The free app is available for Android 2.2 and later, and features a simply interface that is both self-explanatory and easy to navigate with a few quick taps of the screen. Like many apps and programs on our how-to guide, DPDF allows the user to cycle through various colors in order to locate and potentially fix a dead or stuck pixel using an extended series of six flashing colors. It’s nothing fancy, but the constant on-off fluctuations may just fix the problem.

Icons1. Download and launch Dead Pixel Detect and Fix: Head to the Google Play Store or tap the Play Store icon on your Android device to access the store. Next, search for, download and open the newly downloaded app by tapping the DPDF icon on your device (it’s a group of colored bars that resemble a “no signal” picture you’d expect to see on a TV set in the ’80s).

2. Locate the questionable pixel: Tap the DETECT button, second to the top, to bring up the main app menu. From there, tap the Colors button in top-left corner and individually cycle through the six preset colors (red, green, blue, white, black and gray), or choose the Custom option at the top and pick a color from the resulting palette. Remember, a dead or stuck pixel will stand out against every backdrop except for the color it’s stuck in. Continue cycling through the color screens until you find the pixel in question and make a mental note of its location.

Dead Pixel Detect and Fix

Dead Pixel Detect and Fix Settings3. Run the repair software: Return to the baby-blue welcome screen and tap the “FIX IT”  button, second from the bottom, to bring up the app’s main menu. Tap Fix it in the top-right corner to begin the default, 30-minute color-cycling process (the duration can be changed by clicking the Settings option in the main menu). Let the repair utility run for at least 20 minutes or more before finishing.

4. Check the results. When finished, return to the welcome screen, tap the DETECT button and access the Colors panel again. Cycle through the same colors you used to locate the dead or stuck pixel in step 2 and check to see if the questionable pixel has returned to normal. If it hasn’t, seek an alternative method.

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