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How to revive a dead pixel

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Fix using ScreenTest (iOS)

Although there used to be several notable software applications available in the App Store for addressing dead or stuck pixels, that is no longer the case. ScreenTest, a free app available through the Cydia once you’ve jailbroken your iOS device, is one of the few alternatives currently on the market that has the potential to resolve the issue without costing you a dime. It excites pixels in the similar manner to UDPixel and LCD Repair, but does so on a mobile platform sans a Windows or web-based application. The process is a little more complicated than the previous methods, but you could always try watching the eight-hour Stuck Pixel Fix video on your device if jailbreaking seems out of the question.

Cydia-Logo1. Jailbreak your device: Because ScreenTest is a Cydia-exclusive, jailbreaking your device is a must before downloading and running the software. Check out our guide on how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using Evasi0n if you haven’t done so already.

ScreenTest Logo2. Download and launch ScreenTest: Once jailbroken, run Cydia and download the free ScreenTest app from the store. When finished, open the program and agree to the various use and privacy conditions before continuing to the app’s main menu.

3. Locate the questionable pixel: Tap the orange Maintenance button at the top of the main menu to cycle through a series of primary colors (red, green and blue) to locate the questionable pixel(s). Make a mental note of its location before returning to the main menu.

ScreenTest homepage4. Run the repair software: Use the slider beneath the green Repair button to designate the duration of the color-changing cycle. Afterward, tap Repair button and allow the cycle to continue for the specified period of time. Make sure you’re phone is plugged in to avoid any unwanted interruptions.

5. Check the results: When finished, tap the Maintenance button from the main menu same cycle you used to locate the dead or stuck pixel in step 3. Check to see if the questionable pixel has returned to normal, and if it hasn’t, seek an alternative method.

What did you think of our guide on how to fix a dead or stuck pixel? Have a better solution for getting rid of those pesky, painful pixels? Let us know in the comments below.

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