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HP unveils iPAQ h4150, h4350 models

Well in time for the holiday season, Hewlett-Packard today introduced two new addition to its already extensive line-up of iPAQ Pocket PCs. The iPAQ h4150 and h4350 models, both belonging to a brand new series, offer integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as a range of other powerful features and are expected to be available shortly.
The new iPAQ h4150 series features dual wireless connectivity in a form factor only marginally larger than the iPAQ h1900 series
The iPAQ h4150 chalks up a score as the thinnest and lightest Pocket PC on the market to include integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b) and Bluetooth connectivity, while the iPAQ h4350 model is HP’s first – and the world’s second – Pocket PC to feature an integrated thumbboard. For increased usability, the keyboard also features a backlight.

Sharing almost identical specifications, the two handhelds are powered by Intel PXA255 XScale processors running at 400 MHz, and offer 32 MB of Flash ROM combined with 64 MB of RAM, of which 56 MB is available to users. Also, both feature 3.5″, 16-bit transflective TFT displays capable of displaying up to 65,536 colours. A HP spokesman confirmed to infoSync World that neither of the displaus of the two models suffer from yellow tinting, a widely reported problem with the iPAQ h1940 series.

For expansion purposes, the handhelds feature an SDIO capable SD/MMC Card expansion slot and also offer USB connectivity through a bundled synchronization cable. Rechargeable, exchangable batteries power the two models, with the h4150 including a 1000 mAh battery with an optional 1800 mAh battery available, while the h4350 includes a 1560 mAh removable battery and offers an optional 3600 mAh battery.
Featuring dual wireless connectivity support, both the iPAQ h4150 and h4350 include VPN software and WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) support, as well as LEAP (Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol) and 802.1x. A wireless LAN power management feature is also present, aiming to introduce an element of user control to battery life by adjusting a setting which reduces throughput.

Various other applications exclusive to HP are also included with the iPAQ h4150 and h4350, including the well-known non-volatile flash storage location known as the iPAQ File Store. Up to 2.8 MB of storage is available depending on the model; previous iPAQ have featured as much as up to 17 MB. Also, an iPAQ Backup offers selective and scheduled backup of data, battery monitoring, password protection, and compression of the backup file.

Additionally, users can create separate encrypted folders for storing confidential and personal information with the bundled full-version F-Secure FileCrypto Data Encryption.

HP has also introduced a new piece of software called the iPAQ Image Zone software, targeted at users who want to view images taken from a digital camera such as the HP Photosmart Mobile Camera accessory. This enables users to create and view slide shows, thus sharing some functionality with Microsoft’s own Pictures application introuced with Windows Mobile 2003.

Also introduced today is the HP iPAQ Navigation System, which allows users to turn the iPAQ Pocket PC into an in-vehicle navigation system. This Bluetooth GPS receiver provides position accuracy to quickly provide visual and spoken turn-by-turn directions to any address in the United States. The system features Navtech map data and a point-of-interest database with more than 1 million entries to direct users to nearby restaurants, hotels, gas stations and more.

The iPAQ h4150 is according to HP available for online orders immediately, at an estimated U.S pricing of $449 USD. The h4350 is expected to be available in November, and is expected to sell for $499 USD.