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HTC will pay for your old smartphone if you buy a new One


Despite the tremendous hype surrounding HTC’s new flagship smartphone, the One, the company’s sales have plummeted dramatically. As we previously reported, sales from Q1 hit an all-time low for the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer.

A big part of this decline has been attributed to the delays in getting its newest model on the shelves, due to a shortage in supplies. But all is not lost. Engadget reports that the company is expecting to bounce back by the end of Q2, projecting leap in revenue to around $2.4 billion. This is a tremendous increase over its Q1 revenue, which dropped to just $1.45 billion.

As far as supply flow is concerned today, HTC’s Peter Chou said, “We are working as hard as possible to meet the demand everywhere.” Not exactly the biggest vote of confidence, but we’ll take it. But it also might help to explain the company’s latest offer.

Starting today, and lasting only through the weekend, HTC is inviting people to trade in their old smartphones for at least $100, up to $375, when they purchase a brand new HTC One. To further incentivize potential customers, the company has set up an easy way for people to transfer all of their stored information – friends, apps, Web favorites, contacts, etc. – from their old phone to their new One.

The promotion, called “One Phone, One Weekend,” will run through May 5. It is only applicable to U.S. customers purchasing a new One through a U.S. carrier (AT&T, Cincinnati Bell, Sprint, and T-Mobile) or through a retail store.

Offering this trade in may be a clever way for HTC attract some frugal customers. But will it be enough to help the company jump back? We’ll just have to wait to see.