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10 Huawei P9 problems and the solutions to deal with them

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The Huawei P9 is a gorgeous smartphone with a host of powerful hardware and software to ensure it stands tall next to the competition. It launched running the latest version of Android 6.0 with a Huawei-developed UI on top. Sadly, like many other Android-powered phones, it’s still prone to familiar problems, and we found a few new ones that are unique to the P9. If you’ve been encountering any Huawei P9 problems or issues, perhaps our list of fixes and workarounds can help you out.

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Annoyance: Colors on viewfinder have changed

A few P9 owners have been surprised to find that the Camera app’s viewfinder is no longer the default color and has changed to another color. In some cases, the color change has spread to other screens as well.

Potential solutions:

  • If the color change has occurred on other screens, aside from the Camera’s viewfinder, head to Settings > Advanced settings > Accessibility > Color inversion and make sure the Color inversion setting is Off.
  • If only the viewfinder has been affected, check to see if a filter has been applied by accident. Tap the filter icon located at the top of the app and chose Original.
  • Another thing to try is resetting your camera settings. On the viewfinder, swipe left to enter into the Settings screen, then tap Restore defaults to reset the camera’s settings.
  • If could simply be a matter of the preview images not being adjusted for optimum quality. The viewfinder may look off, but the actual photos taken will look just fine.
  • If the problem continues after trying the above solutions, reach out to your carrier or retailer to get a replacement or repair. Additionally, check this page to find a Huawei Service Center.
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