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After a slow start last month, iOS 10 now being run on a majority of Apple devices

Love the fact that you can now use your iPhone as a magnifier? Appreciate the ability to delete default apps? If you love voicemail transcriptions, emoji taps, and the many other new features that came along with iOS 10, you’re not alone. As per Apple’s official figures, the newest operating system is now installed on a majority of devices — 54 percent, to be exact. This is a lower figure, however, than the number put forth by marketing consultant Fiksu, whose data suggested that iOS 10 was installed on more than two thirds of Apple devices. Apple’s numbers, of course, should be a bit more accurate, as it calculates adoption rates by looking at App Store visits.

Curiously enough, iOS 10 actually got off to a rather slow start. In fact, users seemed wary about updating their devices, as install rates for iOS 10 were actually behind those of iOS 6, 7, and 9 until about two weeks after its initial unveiling. Then, suddenly everyone saw the light at once, with the end of September seeing record numbers of installs.

One possible explanation is the new influx of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus phones, which were distributed after iOS 10’s launch. The newest Apple devices, of course, come with iOS 10 preinstalled. But all the same, that doesn’t fully explain the 20 percent jump the latest OS enjoyed between September 27 and October 4.

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The more likely reason, TechCrunch confirmed, is that “Apple did not prompt users to upgrade their devices for the first two weeks the iOS update was available.” The company decided to wait on nudging users in order to “ease the strain on Apple’s infrastructure and its Apple Care support teams,” which marks the first time the company purposefully waited to notify customers for the sake of a smoother rollout.

So jump on the bandwagon, friends. It’s about time.

Updated on 10-11-2016: Added Apple’s official data concerning iOS 10 adoption rates.