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Amazon wants to use the Prime model on mobile apps

Amazon’s own Appstore — the one you have to use from the company’s range of tablets and phones — isn’t currently up to par with Google’s in terms of either quality or quantity, but Amazon isn’t giving up on it just yet. Leaked documents suggest users could soon be offered a Prime-style service called Amazon Unlocked.

Essentially, it’s a monthly subscription that gives you access to a host of paid-for premium apps and other content — you can binge on app downloads in the same way Netflix lets you binge on television shows. In-app purchases are also going to be included in the deal, according to TechCrunch’s report, so you don’t have to worry about racking up huge bills on your favorite game.

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“Introducing Amazon Unlocked for Apps & Games,” says one of the leaked presentation slides seen by TechCrunch. “Paid apps and in-app purchasing now completely FREE from Amazon.” Would a bundle of free apps and games make you more likely to pick up a Fire smartphone next time you need a handset? Amazon will certainly be hoping so.

There are some big names included too: Sonic Dash and Monument Valley were two of the major titles appearing in Amazon’s internal presentation. There was no mention of when the service might roll out or how much it might cost, and Amazon has yet to make any official comment on the rumors — but it would be a smart move to drive more traffic to its own apps library.

The service is said to have an emphasis on simplicity so that users don’t feel overwhelmed with the choice of apps on offer. New filters in the Appstore will be used to highlight Unlocked apps, while special algorithms will also be deployed to bring the most interesting bundled apps to the attention of users as they browse what’s on offer.

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