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J-PHONE debuts J-SH53 by Sharp

The J-SH53 will be available in stores from May 22, making it the world’s first true megapixel-class mobile handset to be commercially available.

The J-SH53 will first be offered in a limited quantity of 300 at four directly-owned J-PHONE shops (J-PHONE Shop Yaesu Kitaguchi, Vodafone Yokohama the Diamond, J-PHONE Shop Chiba Chuo, J-PHONE Shop Omiya Chuo) in the Tokyo metropolitan area. From May 27, sales will commence in the Kanto-Koshin area and then be extended nationwide.

The J-SH53 comes packed with many new features, the most notable being its megapixel CCD mobile camera, which is capable of taking pictures up to a maximum resolution of 1144 x 858 pixels. It also comes with a top-of-class 2.4-inch QVGA*1 “System LCD” display for unsurpassed screen quality and resolution. In addition, the J-SH53 boasts expanded mail capabilities that make it possible to send or receive Sha-mail pictures taken in wallpaper mode (QVGA size) or MPEG-4*2 format Movie Sha-mail video clips of up to 10 seconds in length.

Darryl E. Green, President of J-PHONE, said, “As the pioneer of camera phones and visual communications, J-PHONE is extremely pleased to be able to offer the world’s first true megapixel camera phone. We are committed to technological innovation and will continue to offer new and exciting services to further enrich people’s lives.”