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Legend Launches Lenovo XP230 Pocket PC

Liu Junyan, General Manager of Pocket Digital Department of Legend said “At Legend, we are committed to providing excellent products and service to handheld consumers for years in China. Lenovo XP230 will be another good choice to users.”

Juha Christensen, Corporate Vice President of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. said, “Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs provides a great experience for wireless connectivity, messaging and all the features people have come to expect from a technology-leading PDA. Lenovo XP230 from Legend will bring additional value to the new, robust Windows Mobile 2003 software by providing a unique user experience and abundant applications and features.”

Legend is a leading manufacturer of Windows-based Pocket PCs. The current models, Lenovo XP100 and Lenovo XP210, which based on Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 were well received in China. Packed with excellent features and functionality, Lenovo XP230 represents the most comprehensive handheld personal information management and entertainment device available to customers.

Web Page Adjust Technology Offers Convenient Application to Internet Users

One of Lenovo XP230’s most compelling features is its ability to adjust web page automatically with special Web Adjust Technology. Users can browse the whole web page without the need to drag it left or right. Obviously, this is great news for those who need to log on internet at anytime and anywhere.

Incredible ID Design Brings Additional Value to Consumers

Lenovo XP230 is awarded Golden honor in the Chinese ID Appraisal held in December 2002. Its elegant appearance with metallic shell, together with excellent and stable software performance, brings additional value to customers.

Nine-way Navigator Keep Game Players In Touch with Their Excitement

Game players will be thrilled to know that Lenovo XP230 includes nine-way navigator which can enable them to enjoy the same kind of amazing gaming experience on a hand-held device as they have on a desktop computer.

Additional Features of Lenovo XP230

Lenovo XP230 has a jog dial on the left side for quick scrolling through items.
Lenovo XP230’s fixed battery can last for 20 days in idle state. When playing MP3, the battery can last for 16 hours when LCD is off. When watching movie, the battery can last for 3.5 hours when it is backlight and the volume is at maximum level.
Lenovo XP230 has CF slot supporting WLAN card, BT card, GPS card, CF card, camera card, VGA card, and etc.