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LG Electronics Releases LX5550 Cell Phone

The clamshell LX5550 measures 89.4 x 48.2 x 24.1 mm and weighs 110 grams. Backed by a 950 mAh Lithium Ion battery, it is rated for a 2.5 hours of talk time or 6 days stand by, somewhat less than therest of LG’s recent handsets. It is a tri-mode phone, however, supporting PCS, 800 MHz CDMA, and older analog AMPS networks. Physically it is very similar to the recent VX3200, with a color LCDdisplay, blue-backlit key pad, and 5-way D-pad. There is also an Organic Electro-Luminescent external display, a la the VX4600, which is designed to draw less power than an LCD. There is also a USBconnection.

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