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13 major LG G4 problems and ways to fix them

We’re big fans of the LG G4. It boasts a simply stunning display, an excellent camera, and a stylish design, but no device is perfect. A few issues and LG G4 problems have surfaced online. We’ve been reading up on the complaints and checking for solutions. These are the major issues we’ve uncovered so far, each with a suggested workaround or fix.

Updated on 01-27-2016 by Simon Hill: Added problems pertaining to battery life, random rebooting, and photo editing.

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Glitch: Touchscreen unresponsive

A lot of LG G4 owners have been complaining about touchscreen taps being delayed or just not registering at all. It seems that the touchscreen sensitivity is off and some taps are being missed. There have also been complaints about long-pressing for special characters being incredibly slow when using the keyboard. If you want to confirm whether you are suffering from the issue then try out the Multitouch Test app.


  • If your main problem is with the keyboard then you could try using something different, such as Google Keyboard or SwiftKey.

Potential solutions:

  • LG acknowledged that there is an issue here, with Buzz Jensen, LG’s Head of Marketing in the U.S. tweeting to tell users to update the LG Keyboard via Settings > General > About phone > Update center > App update. This should fix issues in the LG Keyboard, but it’s not going to help if you’re experiencing the issue in another app.
  • If you’re using a screen protector or a case then it could be worth removing them to test if it makes a difference.
  • Some people have found that the issue seems resolved or at least reduced after they toggled Force GPU Rendering in the Developer options menu. To unlock Developer options go to Settings > General > About phone > Software info and tap on Build number repeatedly until you see the message You are now a developer! Go back to Settings > General and you’ll see Developer options. Head in there and toggle Force GPU Rendering to see if it makes any difference for you.
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