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15 annoying LG G5 problems, and how to fix them

The most innovative entry in the latest flagship fleet belongs to LG. The company’s G5 is a sleek, powerful smartphone with a great camera, and an exciting new modular system. Unfortunately, every new phone has some issues and the G5 is no exception. We’ve been testing, perusing forum posts, and gathering a selection of the most commonly reported LG G5 problems in hopes of offering potential workarounds or fixes. Check them out below.

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Problem: Backlight bleed and blooming

There have been a number of reports about some issues with the LG G5 display. Some owners are reporting an unacceptable level of backlight bleed, with bright patches appearing at the edges or corners of the display. There are also some reports that the picture distorts or blooms when people press on the display. These complaints suggest some build quality or QA issues with the first wave of G5 handsets to hit the market. If you want to test the backlight, you can use the free Backlight Bleed Test app.


  • If you find that the backlight bleed or blooming is bothering you, there’s really only one solution. You need to contact LG, your carrier, or your retailer and get a replacement handset.
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