LG to debut first-ever flexible e-paper displays in devices next month

LG Flexible e-paper

LG announced this week that it plans to put its thin e-paper display into full production, reports OLED-Display. The flexible displays will be slated for a release in bendable products as early as next month.

For those of you who are prone to dropping your Kindle, LG’s e-paper may be right up your alley. Products that integrate the e-paper display have exhibited an impressive durability. A 1.5-meter vertical drop test caused absolutely no damage to the screen. To take the test a step further, LG took a plastic hammer to the e-paper display, showing off its resistance to abrasion. Once again, the display proved to hold up against scratches and cracks.

The display — which measures 6-inches diagonally and 0.7mm thick, weighs about 14 grams, and sports a XGA resolution of 1024×768 pixels — could soon serve as a flexible substitute for the current e-paper gadgets. Plus, users can replicate the aesthetic of reading from a book, since the “pages” of the e-paper bend up to 40 degrees, relative to the center of the display’s screen.

Soon enough, consumers will be seeing an influx of flexible displays hitting the market, from plastic-based OLEDs to flexible glass. While LG’s flexible e-paper displays will be hitting the European market in April, Samsung has been working on flexible AMOLED displays, set to be released later this year in smartphones and tablets.

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