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7 pesky LG V10 problems, and what to do about them

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There are plenty of reasons to recommend the LG V10, but no phone is perfect and it can be frustrating when your device refuses to behave as it should. We’ve been digging around to uncover the most common complaints regarding the V10, many of which keep cropping up on user forums and around the web. None of these LG V10 problems are insurmountable, so if you’re suffering from an issue, then try one of the suggested fixes or workarounds below.

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Problem: Phone stuck in a boot loop

To say that a few people have had their LG V10 get stuck in a boot loop would be an understatement. You can find forum threads galore that are full of people complaining about what may be the phone’s biggest issue. If you weren’t already aware, a boot loop is when a device shuts down (sometimes on its own), restarts, gets as far as the LG logo, and restarts again. It has become such a widespread problem that a class-action lawsuit has been filed against LG.

Potential solutions:

  • Wait. A few people have left their phones alone for about 20 mins, only to return and see that the device managed to start up correctly.
  • A hard reset has helped some people, provided they’re able to trigger it before the phone restarts again. Keep in mind, however, that you may lose some important data if you were not fortunate enough to have a recently made backup.
    • Start by turning your phone completely off, then hold down the Volume Down and Power keys. When the LG logo appears, release the Power key and immediately hold it down again.
    • When “Factory data reset” appears, use the Volume keys to highlight the option, and use the Power key to confirm your selection.
    • When you see the option to “Erase all user data and restore default settings,” use the Volume keys to highlight it and Power to confirm your decision.
  • Reaching out to LG may also net you a repair or replacement device. That said, the boot loop problem could pop up again in the future with a new phone.
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