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Microsoft declares ‘Mango’ ready for action

Windows Phone 7 Mango actual MangoThere has been a lot of talk about the impending update to Windows Phone 7 code-named Mango. Microsoft has not been shy about the updates it has planned for the OS, and has been flaunting the 500 new features included in the update. The company announced yesterday that it has released Mango to manufacturing (RTM), which means that the software is ready for prime time. Even though the OS is completed, that does not mean we will start seeing Mango phones hitting store shelves right away.windows-phone-7-mango-update

Phone makers now have to make sure the software works with their hardware, and that process takes some time. Microsoft is sticking to its prediction that Mango phones will be released this fall. It also claims that first-generation Windows Phone 7 devices will be updated over the air in the fall as well. It is assumed, but not confirmed, that every current generation WP7 device will receive the Mango treatment. Seeing as all phones had to meet the same software requirements, it makes sense that they all will be able to handle the new OS.

Want a full list of all 500 features packed into Mango? So do we, but we will have to do with the few that Microsoft has provided to us. One feature that really impressed us was Bing Vison, which is a visual search tool like Google Goggles, but integrates into apps as an all-encompassing search tool. We are also excited to see multi-tasking finally making it to WP7, which looks very similar to HP’s webOS ‘cards’ implementation of multi-tasking. We are very excited for Mango: The first version of WP7 is extremely polished, and just needed a few tweaks, and most importantly needs some developers to start making apps for the ecosystem.

We just released a list of our favorite WP7 apps, so if you are planning on buying a Mango phone this fall you can take a look and see what you have to look forward to.