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Mobile movie use heavier in men than women, reveals survey

The uses for a mobile device are many and varied, from the basics (making calls, sending texts, checking email) to the… somewhat less necessary (playing Angry Birds, watching movies, asking Siri whatever random question comes into your head at the time). But when it comes to making decisions about your movie viewing using your own mobile device, however, that may be more affected by your gender than you might expect, at least according to information released from a new report looking at the way that users research movie choices using their cellphones and other mobile devices.

The report, titled “Mobile and the Movies,” is the result of a survey of 373 mobile users armed with a variety of operating systems including Apple iOS and Android carried out by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and mobile technology company InMobi. The survey investigated the ways in which users involved their mobile devices when choosing whether or not to watch a movie, and if so, making a decision on which movie to watch.

Surprisingly, only 24 percent of moviegoers purchased tickets for movie theaters via their mobile devices in the last six months, despite 31 percent saying that they go to the movies at least once a month. Of that number, 48 percent of respondents said that they always used their phones to choose the movie they visit. Interestingly enough, the percentage of users who claim to go to the movies every month is the same – 31 percent – as those who have watched a trailer through to conclusion on their phone in the past six months. 83 percent of trailer watchers said that they had seen ads on their mobile devices prior to the beginning of the trailer, but oddly enough, only 61 percent reported that they had watched to the end of the ad in order to be able tosee the trailer in question.

Overall, it turns out that men have the edge in terms of who is more likely to use their phones when it comes to the movies; 71 percent of men agreed that they had used their phones to help them choose a movie, compared with 69 percent of women, and 38 percent of men reported that they would check social media to help them decide, compared with just 33 percent of women. Even when it comes to sitting through ads in order to see trailers, the men lead the women 67 percent to 58. This is all seen as good news by IAB VO and General Manager Anna Bager. “The male demographic is coveted by movie marketers,” she told the Hollywood Reporter. “This study clearly shows that mobile is a crucial pathway for movie studios to reach men, whether they are promoting the latest action flick or a serious drama.” Well, as long as they’re not relying on those men to buy their movie tickets on the device, of course.